Ashish Chhetri

Ashish Chhetri
Water, at a price!
The water woes of Darjeeling continue to grow with unreliable public water supply and highly elastic private water markets. Is there a way out? Posted on 21 May, 2021 11:15 PM

Darjeeling, a water starved town

Hill stations in India are increasingly getting water scarce. Darjeeling, a well-known Himalayan town, continues to face water scarcity every year during the dry season, despite the abundant monsoon rainfall and several perennial rivers and streams.

Darjeeling, in the grip of a water crisis (Image Source: Bernard Gagnon via Wikimedia Commons)
Flourishing water markets in Darjeeling
Better governance and equitable as well as sustainable use of water resources are essential to solving the deepening water crisis in Darjeeling.
Posted on 15 Apr, 2019 02:36 PM

"Darjeeling today has a thriving water business, with a fleet of 105 trucks plying three or four trips a day from April to June, carrying 5500 to 6500 litres of water on each run"

Private water tankers, a common sight in urban areas. (Source: India Water Portal)