Video: Practising high-density micro-organic farming on your roof top - An interview with Mallesh, Purna Organics, Bangalore

Source of Video: Chai with Lakshmi

This is a video on the steps involved to grow organic vegetables on roof top. Concerned by the growing health issues, Mallesh, an IT professional started Purna Organics in Bangalore. This start up organisation offers the following services: creating awareness about organic farming, helping interested individuals and families in setting gardens in their homes and also provide routine maintenance services.

Mallesh says that the root cause for declining heath in today’s scenario is because of the poor quality of food consumed. Kitchen garden is the solution offered by him. These gardens can make use of the biodegradable waste generated by household and also make use of the unutilized balconies and terrace. More importantly these kitchens can help individuals take control of what they eat.

The video shows how families can practise high density micro organic farming in small tubs, with adequate watering and protection from pests.