Right to Water and Sanitation - Visioning and strategy planning meeting - India WASH Forum - FANSA FORUM - WaterAid (2009)

A report on the workshop organised by FANSA, FORUM & WaterAid

This report describes the proceedings of a workshop organised on the 5th of August 2009 at New Delhi, by the Freshwater Action Network South Asia (FANSA), the Forum for Policy Dialogue and Water Conflicts in India (FORUM), India WASH Forum and WaterAid.

The crisis of providing safe and affordable drinking water, as well as meeting the water requirements for livelihoods and infrastructure for rural and urban sanitation in India, is becoming acute by the day. In this context, ensuring the right of citizens to drinking water and sanitation, can be an important policy initiative to help improve the overall situation.

Keeping this background in mind, the workshop involved a visioning and strategy planning process through which participants evolved a plan of joint actions, towards achieving the Right to Water and Sanitation.

Representatives of various civil society organisations gathered for the workshop to spearhead a movement for a constitutionally recognised Right to Water and Sanitation and to understand the various issues involved, as well as to learn from the experiences of other coalitions and alliances formed around the Right to Education, Health and Employment campaigns.

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