Everyone can conserve water at home: Follow the example of Anita, an IWP volunteer in Mumbai

Water, as we all know is going to be the next biggest problem. With climate change already looming large, we have to consciously prepare for the future. On an individual level we can do our bit to contribute towards water conservation.

I, as a homemaker have implemented a few practices at home.

  1. Take as much drinking water as you need. If any is left over in the glass, it is put in the plants.

    Water glass
    Fog drip - Illustration courtesy Sourabh Phadke

  2. Use small drinking glasses to serve water.

  3. After washing daals, rice and vegetables the water is collected and put in the plants. 

     Unfortunately we have to use a clothes dryer, since our building has no place and does not allow clothes to be dried anywhere. The water which is collected from the damp clothes is used to mop the floors.

    Operation and maintenance - Illustration courtesy Sourabh Phadke

4. The washing machine is used only when there is a full load.

5. Balconies are never washed, only mopped.

6. Stale drinking water is used for cooking.

Boiling water - Illustration courtesy Sourabh Phadke

7.  In restaurants, I do not allow the waiter to keep serving me water.

8. Keep the tap and shower off when brushing or using soap.

What I would like to implement : 

  1. Have the car wiped with a damp cloth instead of washing it. However, I am told that this is not practical.
  2. Ask all restaurants to not keep topping up the water glass. Use small glasses and serve water only if requested by the customer.
  3. Make rain harvesting compulsory in all buildings and societies.
  4. Have time controlled showers in all homes, clubs and hotels.

Do you conserve water at home? Tell us in the comments section below!

Post By: priyad