Rules and regulations regarding the distance between borewells for commercial & domestic use in Kerala


  I am a resident in Panchayath area and owns 5 cents of land and a small house . We have an ordinary well of 9 feet and water is sufficient except in summer. Just behind my house there is 2 acres of land owned by a person who is currently not utilizing the land. Recently he started digging a borewell which is just around 25 metres away from my well.

Will that make my present well dry up in summer? What is the distance he has to keep before digging a borwell, as per current rules? What can I do to prevent him from digging a borewell near my well? The borewell is being dug for some industrial / commercial purpose and not for domestic purpose.

I am a resident in Aluva(Kerala) and want to know the permissible distance between 2 water sources in Kerala. Who is the relevant authority for a complaint or to register my grievance in Kerala.

P.S. Prasad