Query on soak pit

Soak pit keeps getting filled every week

We are struggling for about a month now with our soak pit filling up and overflowing at a rate of once a week. Initially we tried pumping it out for a couple of times which didn't help and later we got some house keeping vendors to clean it, remove some debris from the floor. They also drilled the floor in about six or seven places and fixed PVC pipes of one feet high and filled it with broken bricks in and around. It started well with draining water for first two days and within a week again it started getting back to the old state. Now it gets filled every week. The specifications of the tank, close to 20K litres capacity. Dimensions are 15 X 10 X 6. It is connected to 12 houses. This tank is kind of closer to a well also to some drinking water sumps. This has become a bigger problem in the community both financially as well as from a hygiene perspective. Please share any suggestions on this which could fix this problem atleast for an year.

Thanks, Shriram