Panchayat wants to dig a borewell near agriculture land

Panchayat is trying to dig a bore well within 30 feet of existing farming bore well

Hi, I live in Tamilnadu. Recently panchayat union is trying to dig a bore well for drinking water supply for the village. The new point is 30 feet away from our farming bore well (it has all permissions). This may dry up my water source and also there is another government borewell available within 150 mts of the existing one. Is there any rule that should be followed by panchayat union even if it is for villagers drinking water? When I asked them they are replying that it is for drinking water, they cannot consider the possibility of farming land dry up and their priority is only drinking water. There are many other water sources available and also they can repair one of the other existing borewells to get the supply surplus. Please let me know if there are any rules to be followed while digging a bore well even it is by the government.