Large scale issue related to hard water and high TDS in Bhilai, Chattisgarh: Need cost-effective solution

We had  a borewell, from which the water for our building is fed through overhead tank.  We have a problem with clogging of pipes,taps , deposition of a white layer on utilities . We used this water as it is for  7 years. Due to health problems of family members,and suggestions from friends various types of filers were used but found lacking. Also the filtering elements were getting clogged every 4 to 5 months and needed replacement.

 Finally got an R.O. system , just for drinking water purification. Problem have been relieved for drinking and kitchen utilities. T.D.S. of  water is found to be  674 and after R.O. it is 24. Our city Bhilai is located in Chattisgarh state. It is an industrial area. The water from borewell is hard, as you can see from the problems. How can this water can be softened for utilities other than drinking.

The scale of the problem is huge with at least 10000 houses having individual bores in this area with same problem . There are many softeners which are expensive. Kindly suggest a cost - effective solution. It would be ideal if the remedy can be applied on a large scale.