Bore water softener with TDS 4380 mg /l

Require your advice to reduce the hardness of our bore water for bathing and washing. Will RO will work for this hardness at the overhead tank level or at source level?

We have analysed our bore water and give below the details for reference, comments and suggestion. Physical properties: appearance when analysed - turbid. After filtration - clear. PH value at 25 C - 6.95. Colour - Yellowish. odour - Agreeabe . turbidity - 21.0. Electrical conductivity - 5840 micromhos/cm Chemical properties mg/l Total suspended solids 130 Total dissolved solids - 4380 Total hardness as CaCO3 - 1005 Calcium hardness as CaCO3 402 Magnesium hardness as CaCO3 - 603 Calcium as Ca 161 Magnesium as mg 145 Phenolphthalein alkalinity as caco3 NIL Total alkalinity as Caco3 517 Chlorides as Cl 2077 Sulphates as SO4 806 Total iron as Fe 3.96 silica (reacitive) as SiO2 50 Carbonate hardness as CaCo3 517 Non- carbonate hardness as CaCo3 488 Free ResidualChloride < 0.2