A potter making a clay pot in Jevra Sirsa village in Durg district
There is a link between the quality of toilets and incidence of diarrhoeal diseases.
Solar power use in a Tamil Nadu farm (Source: Wikimedia Commons)
Children at Tapatjuri affected by skeletal fluorosis
What does the increase in toilet numbers really mean?
The future of rainfed agriculture in India
The Ridge houses Shimla's first underground water tank
Climate change, poor rainfall and drought (Source: Wikimedia Commons)
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Piles of overburden (waste) dumped near the mine pits of Jhamarkotra
Body of a puppy floating in one of Punjab's public water supply tanks
Kunti and Priya discuss their plans with Budani
Sprinklers cover 2.86 percent of total irrigation land in India
Farmer spraying pesticide (Source: Wikimedia Commons)