A narrow lane flanked by houses at Bhirrana. Source: Archaeological Survey of India
Vikram Patel near his farm pond in Chidavad.
A temple and a small pond at the origin of Nanduwali.
Front view of the giant stage at the World Culture Festival under construction in February, 2016 (Source: Yamuna Jiye Abhiyan)
Kshipra at Mangalnath Ghat, Ujjain
Water tank near the primary school and anganwadi for the children to avail safe water. (Source: Puja Singh)
Farmers and the agricultural crisis (Source: India Water Portal)
A young girl leads her buffaloes in search of water
Farmers, stuck in the midst of a crisis (Source: India Water Portal)
Kshipra before Shahi Snan
Business profits and the environmental crisis (Source: India Water Portal)
Captain Siddharth Chakravarty with the illegal driftnets confiscated by Sea Shepherd during Operation Driftnet (Photo source: Sea Shepherd)
Water governance for future water security (Source: India Water Portal)