The lower Ganga, just upstream of Farakka, displays bank-cutting and erosion.
The Mahadayi or the Mandovi river, shared between Karnataka and Goa for their water needs, is a bone of contention between the two states.
A manual scavenger at work. (Source: Flickr Commons)
Citizens of Udaipur get together to remove water hyacinth from the Pichhola lake.
Sudam Khade, collector, Sehore, felicitates a woman from the community for their efforts in ending open defecation.
A farmer in his field. (Source: India Water Portal)
One of the hill forts in Maharashtra. (Source: India Water Portal)
An earthmover submerged downstream of the Srinagar Hydroelectric project, Uttarakhand. By permitting contractors to begin construction on a project before the EIA is approved, the government is enabling disasters in the future.
Toorji ka jhalra, one of the step ponds that attracts tourists in Jodhpur.
One of the sinking houses of Munroe Island.
The Brahmaputra river (Source: Wikimedia Commons)
Children take refuge in temporary shelters.  (Photo source: Jhai Foundation)