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Indira Sagar evacuees to hold jal satyagaraha

From September 1, Narmada Bachao Andolan to showcase protest against raising water levels in Indira Sagar Dam and non-payment of compensation to the evacuees. 

Maharashtra to enforce Renewable Purchase Obligations

Govt to penalises unauthorised mining dumping

Approves policy to regulate unauthorised dumping of mining rejects in Goa. Under the scheme, the government plans to charge a conversion fee for illegaly occupying government and private land for mining dumps.

Govt seeks SC to relax iron ore mining ban

A river, which once unified people, is now being manipulated in the name of 'river conservation'. All it is, is an excuse to create a divide and further caste conflict.

As temple tanks go, this one is quite beautiful. It is a rectangular masonry-lined tank, about the size of a badminton court. Brick steps lead down to the water. On one of its longer sides is a lovely old temple, shaded by mango trees. Groups of men and women sit and gossip in the coolness. Facing them is an avenue of large trees, below which sit contemplative buffaloes. Behind this meditative group are emerald-green paddy fields. It is a shame that the tank itself is choked with plastic bags, thermocol plates, and water lettuce but the moorhens and egrets don't seem to mind.




Court fast tracks Damodar river's case

Jharkhand high court to hear Damodar river's pollution case against Central Coalfields Limited and two private companies on a daily basis. The court might pass the order to close all the three companies causing acute pollution in the river.

Solar energy- a new hope of Uttarakhand

Lok Sabha passes the food bill

The House adopts much awaited Food Security Bill that aims to provide cheap foodgrains to 800 million Indians. If implemented well, the bill will help make better use of food subsidy.


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