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April 24, 2021 Study by CEEW proposes several measures for promoting sustainable agricultural practices and systems, including restructured government support and rigorous evidence generation
SRI rice field (Image: Wikimedia Commons; CC BY-SA 4.0)
April 1, 2021 Lower transaction costs, minimal leakages, and immediate delivery make a strong case for direct cash transfers, says study.
Access to credit increased farmers' expenditures on farm-related activities. (Image: Pixy.org)
March 12, 2021 Challenges and aspirations of community champions and how programs can address them
Kalyani Dash works with 150 households in the village directly and trains them on chemical-free farming techniques, water secure crop production, efficient water use in agriculture for a sustainable farming future as well as kitchen and nutrition gardening. (Image: FES)
March 2, 2021 Substituting groundwater irrigation by canal irrigation will not help in maintaining the current levels of food production in India. Managing groundwater demand will, finds a study.
Groundwater, a valuable resource! (Image Source: India Water Portal)
January 28, 2021 Solutions are needed that will increase productivity while maintaining sustainability
The government could consider a shift from the price support system to an income support system. PM-KISAN is a step in that direction, but the assistance under that is lacking. (Image: Wikimedia Commons)
December 7, 2020 The new farm related bills will spell doom for women workers who form the bulk of small and marginal sections of Indian agriculture, warns Mahila Kisan Adhikaar Manch (MAKAAM).
Farm women, overworked and underpaid (Image Source: India Water Portal)
Climate change real, warns Pangi tribe
The effects of climate change are felt by the indigenous communities residing in the Himalayan region. How are they coping with these changes? Aarti Kelkar Khambete posted 1 year 11 months ago

Mountain ecosystems are highly sensitive due to ecological fragility, geomorphologic instability but are blessed with vast eco biodiversity.

Chandrabhaga river through Pangi valley, Himachal Pradesh (Image Source: Wikimedia Commons)
Skymet Weather releases kharif crop estimate 2019
With over 50 percent of the cultivable area being rain-fed, the farm economy could be in a precarious situation with the ongoing rain deficiency. Amita Bhaduri posted 1 year 11 months ago

India’s leading weather and agriculture risk monitoring company has released a Kharif Report, sharing the prediction for the upcoming monsoon and its impact on the production of kharif crops.

Cotton production in the country is expected to go up by 10 percent as compared to last year. (Image: Kimberly Vardeman, Wikimedia Commons, CC BY 2.0)
Food security with flood, drought-resistant rice crops
New drought and flood tolerant rice varieties can ease water constraints and ensure food security, study says. Amita Bhaduri posted 1 year 11 months ago

In recent years, cycles of extreme drought and severe flooding have affected the country’s water availability and crop production. The trend can be attributed to climate change. Scientists have been exploring drought and flood tolerant crop varieties to offset stress conditions that significantly constrain rice production.

Determining the long-term effects of the flood-tolerant rice variety Swarna-Sub1. (Image: Centre for Effective Global Action)
GHG emissions, water footprints of dietary patterns
Rice-based diets had higher emissions but wheat-based diets used more water, says study. Amita Bhaduri posted 1 year 11 months ago

India's food system produces large environmental impacts but these vary by diets. The per capita environmental impacts of diets in India are currently lower than those of many high-income countries due, in part, to habitually low consumption of animal source foods.

As India continues in its nutrition transition, people currently consuming the rice and low diversity pattern will be likely to adopt more diverse diets (Image: Senthil T S K, Wikimedia Commons)
Caste and farmer’s access to quality information
A study finds that farmers from socially-marginalised castes continue to be disadvantaged in accessing agricultural extension services. Aarti Kelkar Khambete posted 1 year 11 months ago

Increase in agricultural productivity is not only dependent on material inputs, but also on farmer’s access to relevant information on crop production and farm management practices. This information is provided through agricultural extension services in India.

Access to information helps improve crop output among farmers. (Image Source: India Water Portal)
Monsoon to arrive late, less rain expected: Skymet
The forecast shows monsoon to begin under the shadow of El Niño and could be below normal across all four regions. Amita Bhaduri posted 1 year 11 months ago

Skies in several parts of Kerala are overcast with pre-monsoon but monsoon is progressing sluggishly, as per meteorological predictions. “This year’s monsoon rains will arrive on India southern coast in Kerala on June 4 and deliver less rain than average year,” says Skymet, a private weather forecasting agency.

Monsoon in Sikkim Himalayas (Image: Marina, Wikimedia Commons, CC-A-2.0-Generic)
Understanding water footprint of cereals in India
Changes in cereal production practices can contribute to improved efficiency of water use in India. Amita Bhaduri posted 2 years ago

India has the highest national freshwater demand globally and 91 percent of our freshwater is used in the agriculture sector. Cereals account for over 50 percent of the dietary water footprint in India and represent a potential opportunity for reducing water use in Indian agriculture.

Cereals and millets at a bazaar in Nizampet, Hyderabad (image: Aditya Madhav, CC BY-SA 3.0, Wikimedia Commons)
IMD predicts near-normal monsoon this year
News this week Swati Bansal posted 2 years ago

India could witness near-normal monsoon this season: IMD

Normal monsoon is good news for India's economy. (Source: IWP Flickr photos)
DDA allows waste dumping on Yamuna floodplains
Policy matter this week Swati Bansal posted 2 years 1 month ago

DDA allocates 42.5 acre plot on Yamuna floodplains for waste dumping

Yamuna river in New Delhi (Source: IWP Flickr Photos)
Bullet train project worries activists
News this week Swati Bansal posted 2 years 1 month ago

Activists seek President, PM intervention to protect mangrove trees in Maharashtra

A wetland in Mumbai (Source: IWP Flickr photos)