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  • Rains hit 3200 villages in AndhraHeavy rains and floods in the state took 29 human and 555 cattle lives. Destroys 6,597 houses and crops in 5.64 lakh hectares.Montreal Protocol meeting leaves no big impactThe meeting ends with nations agreeing to study hydrofluorocarbons further, but ...
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  • India strengthens its ties with ChinaThe two countries sign a new agreement strengthening their relationship on trans-border rivers. China assures facilitating exchange of flood data and eases India's concern over new dams on Brahmaputra.Creating national regulator for green nod not possible, tells ...
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  • India two ranks up in global hunger indexScores 63 in global hunger index, 2013, and falls under the alarming zone of hunger. High prevalence of malnourished children under five still remains a huge challenge for the country.After super cyclone, floods hit OdishaDamage gets doubled for the state, es...
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  • Cyclone Phailin finally wanesIt left 14 people dead but an efficient early warning system and mass evacuation in the states of Odisha, Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal helped save more than a million lives from one of the biggest cyclones that hit the country in the last 14 years. Over ...
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  • Odisha and Andhra prepare for super cycloneThe cyclonic storm with a wind speed of upto 185 kmh is moving towards Odisha and Andhra Pradesh and is expected to hit the two states on October 12.Rivers bear the brunt of flawed hydel policyCurrent system of environment impact assessment is not...
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  • Post harvest management can save one tenth of country's outputEducating farmers to adopt proper post harvest handeling can help save 25 million tonnes of foodgrains annually, evaluates a recent study.Centre gears up for installation of Arunachal's HEPTo establish its lower riparian rights ...
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  • Final nod to TelanganaGovernment approves bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh into Telangana and Seemandhra with Hyderabad as a joint capital for 10 years. The approval came two months after the passing of resolution to form the 29th Indian state.Solar powered India- not a distant reality anymor...
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  • Unrecognised slums get recognitionCensus of India develops the new method of identifying slums as unhygienic and compact dwellings of atleast 300 people lacking proper sanitation and drinking water facilities. With the new method, many unknown slums have added up to the category.The mega c...
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  • Government allows shale gas explorationApproving a proposal by the Petroleum and Natural Gas Ministry, the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs has allowed exploration of shale gas and oil by Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) such as Oil India Limited and Oil and Natural Gas Corporation. A natural ...
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  • For details on the CLP awards, please click here.To apply online for the awards, click here.Eligibility criteria document for applicants for the CLP Future Conservationist Awards may be downloaded from below.Further details on the applications too may be downloaded from below.
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  • For details on the Annual Summit, 2013, please click here.To know more of the Sustainable Business Leadership Forum (SBLF), click here.The Annual Summit would also host the Parivartan Sustainability Leadership Awards 2013 in the evening, and for further information on the same, please click her...
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  • Urgent action needed to tackle climate changeGetting repetitive on climate change being human-induced, IPCC's fifth assessment report comes as no big surprise.Women education and under five child mortality directly relatedCompletion of secondary education by Indian women to ...
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  • Shale gas exploration gets a thumbs upGovernment approves exploration of shale gas by national oil companies while the private ones are kept out for now.India expects high foodgrain output this yearWith good and timely rainfall across the country, agriculture minister anticipates record hi...
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  • Gujarat farmers oppose Mithivirdi nuclear plantFarmers of Bhavnagar district, where the Mithivrdi nuclear park is supposed to come up, refuse to part with their agricultural land. 877 hectares of land needs to be acquired for the 6,000 mega watt project that will have six nuclear power plants. The p...
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  • The venerable Imperial Gazetteer says, 'Viewed from a distance Lucknow presents a picture of unusual magnificence and architectural splendour, which fades on nearer view ...' (Imperial Gazetteer of India, v. 16, p. 196). Nearly all the Lucknowis I met assured me that the Gomti was the same way. "The...
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  • Govt to replicate the success modelsMinistry of rural development plans to converge Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act with other state-level schemes that represent a successful sustainable livelihood model.Glass causes warmingGlass facades used in buildings lead t...
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Policy matters this week
NGT orders Singrauli power plants to supply drinking water to residents




Bangalore water mafia goes innovative to evade law

The water mafia, with the help of local political leaders, has taken to digging borewells in rented premises in localities closer to lakes. This started after the government started monitoring borewells in the city

Finally, prediction of low monsoon from the horse's mouth

The Indian Meteorological Department, corroborating global assessment of the El Nino, has predicted “below normal” rainfall during monsoon this year with a rainfall of 95% of the long period average

No deal on Teesta irks Bangladesh Opposition 

The Bangladesh Nationalist Party has blamed the ruling government for not being able to ink a deal on Teesta river's water sharing. Dams on the river on the Indian side have hindered its flow and led to water scarcity in northern Bangladesh

Alarming water shortage in Manipur

Himachal villages to carry out own EIA

Garudeshwar dam: for a statue or for people?

The dam in Gujarat's Bharuch district will act as downstream storage for the Sardar Sarovar project which means it can't be used for irrigation, flood control or even net power generation.However, it will create a reservoir around the 'Statue of Unity' proposed to be world's tallest statue

NGOs urge World Bank not to promote water privatization

The Bank has been funding a lot of such projects in South Asia. Even as they face a lot of problems, they are being cited as models to be emulated elsewhere. Nagpur's Orange City Water is one such project plagued with corruption and service shutdowns

Fly ash laden water from power plant contaminates water in MP village

The water spilled into the village when mud wall of the fly ash dyke of Essar's Mahan thermal power plant in Singrauli district collapsed. In an earlier instance, the state pollution control board asked the plant to shut down when fly ash from the plant was found flowing in a nearby stream

Govt to increase irrigation potential by 10%

The move is cut down reliance on monsoon rain which sustains agriculture on 50% of the farmland in the country, says A B Pandya, chairman of the Central Water Commission. As of now, 97 million hectares of land is under irrigation

Steep fall in water table worries Tamil Nadu

Ground water level has fallen sharply even in Coimbatore and Theni, the districts abutting the forested Western Ghats region. Across the state, water table has fallen by 0.5 metres to 2.3 metres in the last one year

Water level in Narmada dams hits record low


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