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Policy Matters this week: 110 countries sign Minamata convention, railways to have bio-toilets and Water Bill to include sewerage charges in Ahmedabad.

110 countries sign Minamata convention to ban mercury




Phailin creates less destruction as expected

The super cyclone hits the coasts of Odisha and Andhra Pradesh weaker as anticipated but may lead to heavy rains inducing floods in Bihar and north Chhattisgarh.

2013 marks highest number of environment cases

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October 30, 2013 9:00AM
October 28, 2013 6:00PM




110 nations sign the treaty that bans mercury

UN adopts Minamata Convention that sets to phase out production and use of mercury by 2020. 

World Bank praises MNREGA

Post harvest management can save one tenth of country's output

Educating farmers to adopt proper post harvest handeling can help save 25 million tonnes of foodgrains annually, evaluates a recent study.

Centre gears up for installation of Arunachal's HEP

Urgent action needed to tackle climate change

Getting repetitive on climate change being human-induced, IPCC's fifth assessment report comes as no big surprise.

Women education and under five child mortality directly related

Tribal's houses taken to feed the nation's economy

For residents of Tamnar block of Raigarh, the public hearing to aquire land for mining coal by Jindal Steel and Power Plant was just a formality, as MoEF is under huge pressure to clear the project.

India accused of violating Indus water treaty

Hydro projects on Subansiri to affect downstream stretch 

The cumulative impact report by CWC on hydel projects on Subansiri river basin in Arunachal Pradesh raises possibility of reduced water level in downstream areas.

Development funds include climate grants


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