• Due to the heat from the Sun the water in the rivers, lakes and Oceans becomes water vapour. As this hot moist air rises into the sky the temperature gets reduced at 7oC per km height in the sky. and the water vapour condenses over smoke and dust particles to form cloud droplets upto 20 microns[micr...
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  • Groundwater - India's Water Lifeline needs urgent interventionGovt is non serious about the crisisGovernment's own figures show that Groundwater is India's water lifeline. That lifeline is crisis situation and needs urgent intervention. However, even as the first National Groundwater Congress meets ...
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Policy matters this week: SC committee rejects 23 of 24 hydel projects in Uttarakhand; WB govt planning to amend Land Reform Act; HC orders Gujarat to properly implement the water project.

SC committee rejects 23 of 24 hydel projects in Uttarakhand




No toilets for 52% Delhi slum kids

Open defecation and lack of drinking water in the slums of Delhi leads to frequent instances of water-borne diseases, says a study conducted by the NGO Child Relief and You

Dams contribute to climate change: IPCC

Delhi prone to floods: IPCC

The Yamuna River floodplains need to be kept free as buffer zones to absorb the damage due to extreme weather events, says the latest report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. The report also says Mumbai and Kolkata prone to coastal flooding

Power everywhere but no buyers

Himalayan glaciers could lose two-third mass by 2100

Brothers in water crisis: India and China

The countries will face a combined water shortfall of one trillion cubic metres by 2030, said former chairman of the Central Ground Water Board SC Dhiman.

Supreme plan for manual scavengers

Abolish manual scavenging: SC

The Court said entering sewer lines without safety gears should be made a crime and that safai karamchari women should be provided support for dignified livelihood

Sow short duration crops: Govt

Thermal power plants India's biggest water guzzling industry

Most of the older generation thermal plants in India use open loop–wet cooling systems which accounts for 40-80 times more water use than the world average. These plants constitute 88% of the total industrial water demand in the country

India will be the hotspot of water crisis by 2025: UN

News this week: IPCC releases its Fifth Assessment Report on climate change; Hydropower plants in Himachal find it tough to sell power; No toilet facilities in 20% of Goa households.

IPCC releases its climate change report, alarms India of severe water shortage




The Water and energy nexus

A report released by the United Nations in Tokyo this World Water Day says places where people do not have adequate access to water largely coincide with those where people have no electric power

NGT demands report on fluorosis in Maharashtra


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