Govt to increase irrigation potential by 10%

The move is cut down reliance on monsoon rain which sustains agriculture on 50% of the farmland in the country, says A B Pandya, chairman of the Central Water Commission. As of now, 97 million hectares of land is under irrigation

Steep fall in water table worries Tamil Nadu

Ground water level has fallen sharply even in Coimbatore and Theni, the districts abutting the forested Western Ghats region. Across the state, water table has fallen by 0.5 metres to 2.3 metres in the last one year

Water level in Narmada dams hits record low

Marathwada on a suicide spree, again

 After last year's drought, it is the hailstorm in February this year which led to large scale crop destruction. 73 farmers have committed suicide since then even as the numbers keep growing

World Bank rejects loan for Himachal hydro project

Deltas sinking, thanks to dams

Major Indian deltas like the Ganga-Brahmaputra and the Krishna-Godavari are sinking because of proliferation of large dams that starve deltas of sediment, groundwater mining that causes land compaction and artificial embankments that affect river courses

Southwest Punjab negotiates deep waters as excess canal irrigation turns crop fields into fish farms.

'Rabba Rabba Meeh Barsa, Saadi Kothi Daane Paa' (Make it rain God, so our homes remain filled with grains)”, is a popular song taught to children in Punjab. Not all of Punjab. In Southwest Punjab, farmers are praying for the monsoon to fail! 

A farmer with 40 acres of land in Punjab is considered rich as it fetches him around Rs 40 lakh every year. But not in the Southwest region. At Shajrana village in Fazillka district, ducks quack away in fields where wheat should have been sown by now.  





Water hardly an agenda for politicians

Two of the three main political parties in fray for the Parliamentary elections, the Congress and the BJP, have just paid lip service to water conservation, while the AAP is atleast talking about Gram Sabhas holding decision making powers for water projects

Policy matters this week: SC committee rejects 23 of 24 hydel projects in Uttarakhand; WB govt planning to amend Land Reform Act; HC orders Gujarat to properly implement the water project.

SC committee rejects 23 of 24 hydel projects in Uttarakhand




No toilets for 52% Delhi slum kids

Open defecation and lack of drinking water in the slums of Delhi leads to frequent instances of water-borne diseases, says a study conducted by the NGO Child Relief and You

Dams contribute to climate change: IPCC

Delhi prone to floods: IPCC

The Yamuna River floodplains need to be kept free as buffer zones to absorb the damage due to extreme weather events, says the latest report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. The report also says Mumbai and Kolkata prone to coastal flooding

Power everywhere but no buyers

Himalayan glaciers could lose two-third mass by 2100


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