• "Unreasoned push for large storage projects", is a note by Himanshu Thakkar written in July 2006, on the central government's unreasoned preference for large multi-purpose storage projects, inspite of evidence and experience contrary to the same.Read the note
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  • This act was legislated in 1997 to create the Andhra Pradesh Water Resources Development Corporation for promotion and operation of irrigation projects, command area development and schemes for drinking water and industrial water supply to harness the water of rivers of the state of Andhra Pradesh a...
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  • It is with great disappointment that Raksha Sutra and Uttarakhand Nadi Bachao Andolan received the news from the report in Amar Ujala, Dehradun 27.02.09 that the Uttarakhand High Court has granted a stay to the Central Government Order suspending the work on the Loharinag , Pala (600 MW) hydroelectr...
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  • The 100-odd-kilometre stretch between Gaumukh, near the Gangotri glacier from where the Bhagirathi originates, and Uttarkashi used to present all the different moods of the Ganga, that is, until the run-of-river (ROR) Maneri Bhali Phase I hydroelectric project, with an installed capacity of 90 mega...
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  • The oustees of Maheshwar Dam demanded immediate stoppage of Maheshwar dam in village during the visit of the Monitoring Committee constituted by the Ministry of Environment and Forest. The oustees told the Committee that the project authorities have completely failed to rehabilitate the oustees but ...
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  • The South Asia Network on Dams, Rivers & People has published a critique of the India's National Action Plan on Climate change (NAPCC), titled: "There is little Hope here". India is more vulnerable to the climate change impacts than the US, the Europe or even China. And the poor within India, wh...
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  • A consolidated reply of experiences and examples shared by various members of the Solution Exchange Water Community From Nitya Jacob, United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), New Delhi Posted 10 May 2009 From K. J. Joy, Suhas Paranjape and Shruti Vispute, Forum for Policy Dialogue on Water Conf...
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  • Dear Friends, We welcome you to support the cause of a dying river in the Western ghats As you are aware, an indefinite Satyagraha led by Chalakudy River Protection Forum has been going on at Athirappilly near the project site since 25th February 2008. A series of programs have been organized in con...
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  • Himanshu Thakkar has attached herewith a letter just sent to the members of the MEF's Expert Appraisal Committee on the river valley projcets regarding the application of Andhra Pradesh to the MEF for "backdoor" clearance of the embankments to be constructed in Orissa and Chhattisgarh to "protect" ...
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  • Attached herewith are the Photos from Our Boiler Header, What can be the reason for flakes formation? Boiler commissioned 2 months back only 125 TPH @88 kgf/cm2 & 515 using phosphate treatment & oxygen scavenger. The Boiler was at site for nearly one year (Awaiting erection). The area is nea...
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  •  A two day National Workshop on need for policy and legal norms for allowing freshwater flows in Rivers in India on January 3-4, 2009 at Bangalore ended with a unanimous demand that governments must allow continuous, sustained freshwater flows in all perennial rivers of India, whenever, a dam, ...
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  • "Irrigation Infrastructure - A View from below" is a new research study by Chitra Krishnan funded by the "Knowledge in Civil Society" initiative. The study works along these lines: Say we have an irrigation infrastructure on a river. This is an evolving thing, new projects are proposed, existing on...
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  • My query is regarding hydro power projects for CDM.   Is there a requirement for a minimum distance between two run of the river  hydro projects, for both the projects to be eligible for CDM. Parvinder greeenbiz@gmail.com
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  • Several threats have emerged in recent years to the pristine Himalayan rivers of Uttarakhand. These include: (i) the proposed construction of 220 dams (ii) the drying up of rain fed rivers due to deforestation and deforestation of their catchments (iii) release of untreated sewage from river side to...
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  • The latest issue of SANDRP's newsletter contains the following: Solar Power Boom Bihar Floods 2007: Some lessons for everyone Power Options: New Look Required 11th Five Year Plan: Why it may not achieve the targets SSP: Mounting costs, minimal benefits SSP drinking water scheme a flop: Congress Pri...
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  • Due to the heat from the Sun the water in the rivers, lakes and Oceans becomes water vapour. As this hot moist air rises into the sky the temperature gets reduced at 7oC per km height in the sky. and the water vapour condenses over smoke and dust particles to form cloud droplets upto 20 microns[micr...
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  • Groundwater - India's Water Lifeline needs urgent interventionGovt is non serious about the crisisGovernment's own figures show that Groundwater is India's water lifeline. That lifeline is crisis situation and needs urgent intervention. However, even as the first National Groundwater Congress meets ...
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Drinking water at railway stations highly contaminated: Report

50 lakh passengers using Northern Railways drink extremely polluted water. Of the samples tested for coliform bacteria, all in the Lucknow division were found contaminated while 59% were found contaminated in the Moradabad division and 94% in the Ambala division

Siang Basin dams' study inadequate: NGO

South Asia Network for Dams, Rivers and People says the cumulative study conducted by the Central Water Commission does not mention social and cultural impacts of the 44 proposed projects on the river in Arunachal Pradesh

Thanks to high pollution, Agra's water supply may be suspended

Post Telangana, tribals want Polavaram dam scrapped

The dam will benefit only Seemandhra and displace about two lakh tribals, most of them in Telangana. Tribal activists launch padyatra to protest against an amendment in the Telangana Bill which proposes to shift their villages to Seemandhra.

Hydropower development is creating various types of conflict in Northeast India. How can we contain the unrest due to this spate of dam construction?

Northeast India has been in turmoil over the last two decades or so because of unbridled hydropower development in the region. This article is an effort to understand the extent of hydropower development in the region, the multi-faceted and multi layered conflicts unleashed by this development and also explore ways of engaging with them. It is organised around three broad sections:





Policy matter this week: CWC report warns against dams proposed in Siang; MoEF eases norms to clear dams in Sikkim; Karnataka all set to constitute groundwater authority.

CWC recommends scrapping of 15 dams planned across Siang




Bhopal gas leak victims protest for clean water

Contaminated groundwater due to hazardous waste from the abandoned Union Carbide plant impacts 50,000 people from 22 areas. Groundwater was declared chemically polluted way back in 1991.

2010 was wettest for Tibet in last 3,500 years

Uninformed construction on the Indian side floods Nepal

Construction of embankments and dykes along Kaliganga river in Uttarakhand results in floods in Nepal's Dharchula district downstream.

Maharashtra village reclaim rights on submerged forest

Korku tribals in Amravathi district lost their agricultural and forest land to a dam in 2005-06; reclaim fishing and management rights over part of the reservoir under Forest Rights Act

'Rajasthan getting only 1% of its share in Yamuna water'

Sikkim only state in the country with 100% sanitation

All 6,10,577 rural and urban families in Sikkim have latrines with high sanitation and hygiene standard. It's mandatory for gram sabhas in the state to take up sanitation at top priority

Land near Tehri reservoir sinking

Contaminated water killed 13,000 in last four years

Uttar Pradesh had maximum 3,382 deaths followed by West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh and Odisha, reveals data from the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. Diarrhoea claimed most number of lives. 

Woman slaps AAP MLA over water supply issue in Delhi


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