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January 4, 2021 How the historian's method is invaluable in developing an understanding of floods.
Need to consider the perspective of the historians who see floods as a naturally occurring event. (Image: Wikimedia Commons)
January 1, 2021 There is more to Delhi's air pollution than stubble burning in Punjab and Haryana.
The small window of a fortnight between rice harvesting and wheat sowing compels farmers to burn the crop residue (Image: Neil Palmer, Wikimedia Commons, CC BY SA-4.0 Generic)
December 29, 2020 Water resources in most Indian cities are overworked and overused, and not adequately replenished.
Cities in India are marked by unequal distribution of water, lack of access, outdated infrastructure and minimal enforcement of rainwater harvesting and other means of supply. (Image: Anish Roy, Pixabay)
December 12, 2020 How to plan for and implement FSM related initiatives in small towns?
Project Nirmal demonstrates appropriate, low-cost, decentralized, inclusive and sustainable sanitation service delivery solutions for two small towns (Angul and Dhenkanal) in Odisha. (Image: SCI-FI, CPR)
December 8, 2020 Though we have highly sophisticated ways of depicting data nowadays, we have gone backwards on linking data with decision making.
The quality of the government data for schematic reporting has improved as compared to 20 years ago, that does not necessarily mean that planning has improved (Image: Pikist)
December 7, 2020 The new farm related bills will spell doom for women workers who form the bulk of small and marginal sections of Indian agriculture, warns Mahila Kisan Adhikaar Manch (MAKAAM).
Farm women, overworked and underpaid (Image Source: India Water Portal)
Book review: "Community Based Natural Resource Management"
Theory & practice of NGO-driven community-based natural resource management within the framework of emerging critiques of dominant discourses of development & the micro-politics of decentralisation iwp posted 13 years 4 months ago

"Community Based Natural Resource Management"

Issues and Cases from South Asia

Ajit Menon, Praveen Singh, Esha Shah, Sharachchandra Lele, Suhas Paranjape, K.J. Joy

Saving mangrove forests in Kerala
The work of some committed amateur naturalists in Kerala- a story from Good News India iwp posted 13 years 5 months ago

"Water Initiatives Orissa", a five-year old campaign to work on water issues in Orissa
Orissa may suffer from severe food insecurity, if desertification is not reversed. Its time to wake up from the deep slumber and to face and mitigate the challenges with firm and committed actions iwp posted 13 years 5 months ago

"Water Initiatives Orissa is a five-year-old campaign which draws strength from civil society organsations, grassroots communities, academicians and others who are determined to work on water, disasters and climate change issues". Email:

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Water resources minister Saifuddin Soz's letter to chief ministers to draw their attention towards water issues
Appropriate water resources information system should be put in place at the earliest for better monitoring, Prof. Saifuddin Soz, 17:42 IST iwp posted 13 years 5 months ago

soz.jpgProf. Saifuddin Soz, the Union Minister of Water Resources has written to Chief Ministers drawing their attention to some of the important issues related to water resources, viz.

New book on "Role of civil society in water governance in South Asia" by SaciWATERs released
Proposed reader will bring together researchers and practitioners in the water sector to examine the strategic role of civil society organizations (varying from NGOs/voluntary organisations and social movements) outside the spheres of State and business iwp posted 13 years 5 months ago

The Crossing Boundaries Project of the South Asia Consortium for Interdisciplinary Water Resources Studies (SaciWATERs) is currently in the process of preparing a Reader on "Role of Civil Society in Water Governance in South Asia"

Visit to two villages in Chhattisgarh that have been awarded "Nirmal Gram Puraskar"
Efforts of villagers for total sanitation in Tirathgarh village of Bastar district and Dabena village of Bilaspur district bag "Nirmal Gram Puraskar" to the two villages iwp posted 13 years 6 months ago

Just back from a trip home (Chhattisgarh).

May-June issue of "Dams,Rivers and People" : Study from Brazil on the global warming impact of methane emissions from large dams
May-June issue of "Dams,Rivers and People" : Study from Brazil on the global warming impact of methane emissions from large dams iwp posted 13 years 6 months ago

drp.png The May-June issue of "Dams, Rivers and People" is out and available here.

"Towards Water Wisdom":New book by Ramaswamy Iyer
"Towards Water Wisdom":New book by Ramaswamy Iyer iwp posted 13 years 6 months ago

(Image is from the Sage Publications webpage listed below)


Limits, Justice, Harmony
RAMASWAMY R IYER : Centre for Policy Research, New Delhi

The Water Portal and Arghyam mentioned in an article in the Hindu
Water-related targets can benefit from community and NGO involvement and oversight, supplementing slow political processes. NGOs such as Arghyam have considerable financial and advocacy resources to influence policy and intervene directly in the area of water. iwp posted 13 years 6 months ago

The Water Portal and Arghyam were mentioned quite prominently in an article on "Water Access and Citizens' Movements" on the Hindu Op-Ed page

IWP is looking for a Project Manager
iwp posted 13 years 6 months ago

Project Manager, India Water Portal, Arghyam Location: Bangalore The India Water Portal, an initiative of Arghyam, Bangalore is looking for someone to join our hi-energy team.