ForWater is a disruptive idea that propagates societal thinking for water. A collaborative platform that brings together people, ideas and actions to amplify the ability of the sector to achieve sustainable water security at scale. At its core, it envisions bringing together “samaaj, sarkaar and bazaar” and support development that is both “participatory” and “drives scale” by building agency at the local level for continuous calibration to changing realities.

Mission: Strengthen the ability of the ecosystem to enable water security for 100 million people by 2023

The Need: “How do we scale Diversity and Complexity?”

Water management is a dynamic and complex issue, which encompasses finding solutions that are diverse, context-specific and relevant. 

It requires a multitude of ecosystem actors to collaborate and converge in the thinking and the doing. Ensuring water security is a dynamic and continuous challenge and is best addressed by people closest to the water. ForWater aims to provide them with agency, capability and opportunity to enable them to manage their water better.

Content Library: Groundwater management
A comprehensive library of video content on Participatory GroundWater Management amrthak posted 1 year 3 months ago

Participatory GroundWater Management (PGWM) - at its core believes in weaving together scientific and traditional groundwater management methods and making communities the champion of their water resources. 

Women drawing water from a beri (Image: IWP Flickr)