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November 21, 2019 Excessive and unregulated pesticide use has not only poisoned the soil, water and environment in villages in Punjab’s Malwa region – it has also increased health risks for the people.
October 18, 2019 A study using remote sensing techniques assesses significant changes in land use in Loktak lake.
September 30, 2019 The recently concluded 4 day conference in Bangalore looked at the current state of global water resource challenges & future pathways to achieve the SDGs, while ensuring equity in access to all.
September 26, 2019 New report documents India’s rich traditions of water harvesting and sustainable use.
The fishing community is the most vulnerable as its members come into direct contact with the river water and thus, suffer the maximum impact of pollution.
Amita Bhaduri posted 1 month 3 weeks ago
Ravaged by the severe tropical cyclone that struck the region this summer, the livestock and fishes have taken a hit, impacting people's livelihoods.
Amita Bhaduri posted 2 months 1 week ago
Use of guppy fish to control mosquito populations in water bodies has given rise to another problem - that of its negative impact on native freshwater diversity.
aartikelkar posted 2 months 3 weeks ago
Policy matters this week
Swati Bansal posted 3 months 2 weeks ago
Strengthening farm and non-farm livelihoods can pave the way for food and nutritional security.
Amita Bhaduri posted 4 months ago
A global study finds that freshwater fish suffer more due to fragmentation and loss of connectivity of rivers due to building of dams.
aartikelkar posted 4 months 1 week ago
Much of the Mahanadi's deltaic coast is experiencing varying degree of erosion, a situation which is expected to worsen by 2050.
Amita Bhaduri posted 9 months ago
The Karnataka Jnana Aayoga (KJA) set up a Task Group to draft a new water policy for Karnataka in December 2017 and the report is now in public domain. What are the suggestions that the report makes?
aartikelkar posted 9 months 1 week ago
Policy matters this week
Swati Bansal posted 9 months 1 week ago
A study finds that weak environmental assessment reporting on the adverse impacts of mining has spelled doom for Goa’s environment.
aartikelkar posted 11 months ago