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How farm ponds in Madhya Pradesh are building agricultural resilience
An intern with Watershed Organisation Trust narrates his field experience from the villages of Madhya Pradesh, where farmers are using farm ponds to conserve water. iwp posted 1 year 1 month ago
A farm pond constructed by Sheshrao Dhurve in Karaghat Kamti village of Madhya Pradesh
The Birdman of Chorao
The documentary, Birdman of Chorao tells the story of Uday Mandrekar’s selfless efforts in protecting the mangroves in Chorao. makarandpurohit posted 1 year 11 months ago
Uday Mandrekar (Source: Shashank Bhosale)
Village steps up water revival effort
A temple trust revives an ancient stepwell, comes to the rescue of a water-starved village. makarandpurohit posted 2 years 4 months ago
Stepwell in front of Khedamata temple at Modi village. (Source: India Water Portal)
Bhaag Nadi Bhaag
A Hindi play about rivers and water by travelling theatre group Swabhav Natak Dal priyad posted 2 years 5 months ago
Bhaag Nadi Bhaag
Rajim kumbh: Leave Mahanadi alone
Rajim kumbh mela has left the Mahanadi river crying for attention. makarandpurohit posted 2 years 9 months ago
The entrance of the CG government's culture and tourism exhibition venue at Rajim kumbh 2018.
Palk Bay: Trawled and damaged
In the last of a two-part series on the importance of conserving the Palk Bay, a video shows how trawling is spelling doom to the ecology of the bay. makarandpurohit posted 3 years ago
The Palk Bay (Source: GIZ)
Conserving Palk Bay
In the first of a two-part series on the ecological degradation of the Palk Bay, a video explains the importance of conserving this biodiversity hotspot. makarandpurohit posted 3 years ago
The Palk Bay (Source: GIZ)
When elephants and humans cross paths
A video explains how increasing man-animal conflicts can be resolved in a harmonious way. makarandpurohit posted 3 years 1 month ago
The Asiatic Elephant (Source: Yathin S K, Wikimedia Commons)
Western Ghats: The green gold of India
Increase in human activities in the Western Ghats is threatening the biodiversity. A video tells us why investing in nature is the need of the hour. makarandpurohit posted 3 years 2 months ago
Western Ghats as seen from Gobichettipalayam. (Source:
Floating national park calls for help
Loktak lake is more than just a waterbody and treating it as a reservoir doesn't do justice to this natural wonder. A video tells you why. makarandpurohit posted 3 years 4 months ago
Loktak lake (Source: India Water Portal)