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Call for Nominations: Bhagirath Prayaas Samman & Shri Anupam Mishra Memorial Medal 2017
Bhagirath Prayaas Samman constituted in 2014, is an attempt to recognize inspiring, outstanding, sustained efforts of river warriors towards protection and conservation of India’s rivers.
Posted on 27 Aug, 2017 05:37 PM


Mangroves: The green coast guard
Mangroves in the country are under threat from rapid development. A video tells us how investing in nature can reverse this ecological crisis. Posted on 23 Aug, 2017 07:09 PM

In our effort to make space for infrastructural developments, India's green cover is declining at an alarming rate. The overall mangrove cover in the country stands at 4,740 sq. km., which is 0.14 sq. km of India’s overall geographical area. 

Mangrove nursery (Source: India Water Portal)
WOTR wins international award
Transforming barren lands to lush green landscape is one of the many works of WOTR that won them the Land for Life Award 2017 from the United Nations Convention on Combating Desertification. Posted on 21 Aug, 2017 09:38 AM

Marathwada in Maharashtra is an arid region with rainfall of less than 750 mm per year. Most villages in the region face acute water scarcity. Kachner in Aurangabad was no exception. 

Kachner Tanda. (Source: WOTR)
Floating national park calls for help
Loktak lake is more than just a waterbody and treating it as a reservoir doesn't do justice to this natural wonder. A video tells you why. Posted on 13 Jul, 2017 05:43 AM

In a country as diverse as India where the mountain meets the ocean and deserts blend into forests, one hallmark of beauty that is often left out of the travel catalogues is the outstanding Loktak lake in Manipur. 

Loktak lake (Source: India Water Portal)
The good clams of Ashtamudi
Thanks to the timely intervention of fishermen who adopted sustainable fishing practices, the clam population in the Ashtamudi was saved from total depletion. Posted on 03 Jul, 2017 08:03 PM

Spanning an area of 61 sq km, the Ashtamudi lake is considered the gateway to the backwaters of Kerala. While the lake on the outside radiates with natural beauty, there is a notable treasure nesting deep within its waters--the short-neck clams.

(Source:Ken Hammond, Wikimedia)
Every drop that matters!
A short film provides insight into the water sector situation in the Marathwada region in Maharashtra. Posted on 27 Jun, 2017 10:12 PM

The people of the Marathwada region have been facing severe water crisis for more than three decades. Despite adverse circumstances, the Akoladev panchayat in the Jalna district has set an example for other panchayats by solving their water woes through community participation and effective water harvesting measures that suit their geographic terrain.

Jivrekha river, Akoladev (Source:Dilasa)
Can we save our farmers?
The economic condition of farmers is getting progressively worse resulting in increasing number of farmer suicides. Here's a look at possible solutions. Posted on 02 Jun, 2017 09:22 AM

The year 2009 was an exceptionally dry year for Maharashtra. There was an acute shortage of water. The farmlands went dry. The farmers, unable to pay their debts, were a worried lot. Lakshman Ambilkar of Kinni village in the Yavatmal district of Maharashtra was one such farmer who could not take it anymore. He killed himself, leaving a young, distraught wife to fend for herself.

A devastated farmer Kalu Ram Nishad of Mohamara village. (Pic:India Water Portal)
A village becomes water rich
How restoration of traditional ponds, rainwater harvesting and wastewater treatment saved a village from water scarcity. Posted on 26 May, 2017 05:05 PM

Located in Uttar Pradesh’s Baghpat district, with vast agricultural fields growing sugarcane, rice, wheat, jowar, chana and all kinds of seasonal vegetables, Dhikoli in Pilana tehsil comes across as a bustling and prosperous village.

A johad after restoration.
E-Water Harmoniser: A natural water softener
A natural water softener to soften hard water that can be used in industries, households, agriculture and lake cleaning. Posted on 17 May, 2017 10:30 AM

E-Water Harmoniser (EWH) is a simple solution for all hard water related problems with zero water wastage and zero maintenance once installed. It has umpteen benefits for domestic, industrial as well as agricultural purposes. It does not require any salts, chemicals, magnets or electricity.

Natural water softener/conditioner - E-Water Harmoniser
Looting water for fun
Hyderabad sources water for most of its amusements and recreation from villages nearby, depleting groundwater and creating water shortage for the villagers. Posted on 09 May, 2017 09:16 AM

An impromptu weekend plan landed me in Wonderla Amusement Park in Hyderabad. My fear of heights made me go only on those rides that seemed slower and lower. These happened to be the water rides, as they were my safest bet.