Volunteer with India Water Portal

This is where we periodically put up work that we need help with from our volunteers. Have you registered to be an India Water Portal volunteer? If not, you can do so here. Please ensure that you have registered on the Get Involved page first before commencing with any volunteer work listed here.

You can choose any task under any of these 3 main thematic areas of work, depending on your area of interest, your background and your skills. 

  1. Citizen journalism: this is your chance to be a citizen journalist for India Water Portal. You could go for events in the water sector and live tweet from the event; or you could video interview a water expert that IWP puts you in touch with. Here are some specific tasks that we have for budding citizen journalists.

    Task 1: Cover an event for IWP! Learn more here.

    Task 2: Video interview a water expert. Learn more here.
  2. Knowledge: volunteers participate in creating, editing and managing the content India Water Portal publishes every day, from articles, research papers and opinion pieces to photos, videos and presentations from conferences.

    Task 1: Become a Water Writer! Learn more here.

    Task 2: Are you a Flickr fanatic? Help IWP with its Flickr Photostream. Learn more here.

    Task 3: Add to IWP's Youtube Channel! Learn more here.

  3. Data Project: are you good with numbers, statistics, maps, graphs and data? If so, help out with IWP's Data Project!

    Task 1: Contribute your data analysis skills to the Data Project. Click here.

    Task 2: Help the Data Project normalise data sets available in the public domain. Click here.

More tasks will be added here periodically, so watch this space.

Please email contact@indiawaterportal.org for any queries. Happy volunteering!