Water in literature

1. Who wrote ‘Water, water everywhere, not any drop to drink’, now fast becoming a reality?
a. T.S. Eliot
b. Robert Browning
c. W.B. Yeats
d. S.T. Coleridge

2. What is considered a life-giving and life-supporting system in Vedic literature?
a. Rain
b. Cloud
c. Stream
d. River

3. Who has made the public at large aware of oceans, their environment, and life through his films and TV serials?
a. Jacques-Yves Cousteau
b. Arthur C. Clarke
c. David Attenborough
d. Michael Cousteau

4. Which aquatic animal was released on a large scale in the Ganga to rid it of waste flesh?
a. Gharial
b. Turtle
c. Dolphin
d. Fishes

5. Which river serves the largest cultivable area?
a. Godavari
b. Krishna
c. Ganga
d. Saryu

6. Which Indian bird sanctuary is essentially the hinterland of a saline lagoon?
a. Keoladeo
b. Ranganathittu
c. Point Calimere
d. Sultanpur

7. Of the following Indian National Parks, which one is a vast region of mangrove swamp?
a. Manas
b. Melghat
c. Sunderbans
d. Indrāvati

8. Where is the Nalabana Bird Sanctuary located?
a. Sultanpur Lake
b. Dal Lake
c. Chilika Lake
d. Silsit Lake

9. Which park floats in a vast lake?
a. Keibul Lamjao National Park
b. Keoladeo National Park
c. Madhupur National Park
d. Velvadar National Park

10. Salmon was caught in this river after 60 years in 1974 when it was cleansed of pollution after intensive research. Which is the river?
a. Ganga
b. Thames
c. Nile
d. Angara

Ans: 1.(d)  2.(d)  3.(a)  4.(b)  5.(c)  6.(c)  7.(c)  8.(c)  9.(a)  10.(b)