Resources for Schools

RAINWATER HARVESTINGCatch me when you can A power point presentation that runs you through the 'Why' and 'How' of rainwater harvesting in schools Handy Manual Not a do-it-yourself guide but to help you discuss this intelligently with the implementers Chapter 1 - Basics of rainwater harvesting Chapter 2 - Components of a rainwater harvesting system Chapter 3 - Catchment Chapter 4 - Gutters and Downtake Pipes Chapter 5 - Filters Chapter 6 - Storage tank Chapter 7 - Delivery systems Chapter 8 - Water quality and Precautions Simple Calculator An excel sheet to help you figure out how much water you can harvest for different tank capacities Advanced Calculator A post implementation monitoring tool Schools that are leading the way Join this list. Set an example. Case examples - urban schools Frank Anthony Public School, Bangalore National Public School - CMR, Bangalore Case examples - rural schools WATER AUDITS How much do we use? A powerpoint presentation that tells you how to conduct a water audit in school supply tracker Print this document out and record your observations consumption tracker Print this document out and record your observations ADD TO YOUR LIBRARY