Fun Water Science

Fun Water Science

Try these simple science experiments in your class. This way children will understand scientific concepts while having fun.

Primary School
Middle School
High School

Primary School

A follow up to 'Sink or Float', the activity has children figuring out that shapes can determine whether something sinks or floats.

Sink or Float Sink or Float

Aluminium foil and clay balls Float Boat

Clay floatCraft a Raft

Glass of water two weeks disappearing waterDisappearing Water


Middle School

Water movementsWater movements


How does it become bigger?How does it become bigger?


Measuring TurbidityMeasuring Turbidity

A fountain and a sprinklerA fountain and a sprinkler

Magic PaperMagic Paper

Rain gauge Rain gauge

Slip Sliding away Slip Sliding away

Rain Water Treatment

High School

Propeller boat Propeller boat

Cohesion - Adhesion Cohesion - Adhesion

Water Temperatures at Different Depths  Water Temperatures at Different Depths