Coral reefs

1. Where are shallow water coral reefs typically located?
a. Between 30N and 30S latitude
b. Along the American west coast
c. Near the equator
d. Off the coast of Australia 

2. Apart from the Andaman and Nicobar Islands and the Lakshadweep islands, where else in Indian waters are coral reefs are found 
a. Along the East coast of India
b. Gulf of Kutch
c. Near Bombay High
d. Sunderbans

3. Coral reefs are formed when coral polyps secrete a hard exoskeleton made of:
a. Sodium chloride
b. Magnesium bi carbonate
c. Potassium silicate
d. Calcium carbonate

4. Zooxanthellae provide most of a coral’s energy requirement. In return the coral provides the zooxanthellae with protection, shelter, nutrients and carbon dioxide required for photosynthesis. Their relationship is 
a. Parasitic
b. Symbiotic
c. Saprophytic
d. None of the above

5. In an early symptom of environmental stress, coral tissues become
a. Colourless
b. Black
c. Brown
d. Multi-coloured

6. Corals are part of which kingdom
a. Plantae
b. Fungi
c. Animalia
d. Bacteria

7. Corals thrive in
a. Still waters
b. Deep waters
c. Agitated waters
d. Areas just above the water line

8. The most common cause of environmental stress for corals is
a. Change in water temperature
b. Pathogen infections
c. Exposure to air during low tide
d. Sharp increase in biodiversity supported by the coral

9. Which industry of some tropical countries is dependent on corals?
a. Pearl
b. Lime
c. Tourism
d. Salt

10. Red coral, which is used as a gemstone is mainly found in
a. Bay of Bengal
b. Red sea
c. Mediterranean Sea
d. Hawaii
Ans: 1. (a)  2. (b)  3. (d)  4. (b)  5. (a)  6. (c)  7. (c)  8. (a)  9. (b)  10. (c)