Dam' safety and management!
A recent accident that killed 24 students in Himachal Pradesh has pointed fingers yet again to the much neglected area of dam safety. More than assigning blame, it's time we assigned responsibility. ravleen posted 7 years 1 month ago

Twenty four students were washed away in the Beas river in Himachal Pradesh earlier this month. The students, all from an engineering college in Hyderabad, were picknicking in the river on their way back from the tourist town of Manali. While cooling their heels in the knee deep water and clicking photographs, they missed the rising wall of water that engulfed them in minutes.

Dam induced terror (Source: Matu Jan Sangathan)
Floods in Assam affect one lakh people - Dhemaji worst hit
Floods in Assam, bio-toilets in Konkan railway stations and damage of hydropower project in Uttarakhand are highlights of this week's news. ravleen posted 8 years ago

 Flood fury hits Assam


The flooded plains of Brahamputra