Thanjavur District

Where the holy rivers meet
Millions of devotees travel to the Mahamaham tank every 12 years to wash away their sins in the holy rivers believed to converge in the tank. Posted on 01 Aug, 2016 07:53 PM

Temples in India have always had a water body near its premises. Whether it is a natural pond, a free-flowing river or a man-made tank, the water inside them seem to imbibe the sacredness associated with the temples, thereby becoming an integral part of the cultural, social and religious landscape of that area. 

Once every 12 years, pilgrims take a dip in the sacred tank where the holy rivers are believed to converge during the Mahamaham festival.
Vacancy at EcoVentures
Posted on 30 Nov, 2009 11:25 AM

EcoVentures is looking for staff for a project at Tanjore District, Tamil Nadu with the following qualifications:

·         Post-Graduate in Agriculture/Social Sciences with 5 -7 years experience in community development

·         Post-Graduate in Sociology/Social Work and Rural Development with 5 years experience

Water conservation in industry - A case study of Aban Power Company Limited (Karuppur)
This presentation describes the work of Aban Power Company Limited (LANCO Group) Karuppur, in conserving and harvesting water in its industrial processes and premises Posted on 17 Nov, 2009 03:12 PM

It has achieved this through the use of dry low NOx burners, air cooled condensers, rainwater harvesting through building a pond, improving recovery in its reverse osmosis water treatment process and by increasing the cycle of concentration in its auxiliary cooling tower.