Satyagrah by the river calls for action against erosion
River erosion, so intense, that the whole village is in danger. As the government’s help seems a distant dream, locals carry out Satyagrah to expose their plight to the authorities. Swati Bansal posted 1 year 4 months ago

Since last week, people of Birjain village have been protesting against erosion by the river bank. They are demanding that the government should put in efforts to prevent river erosion and save their houses, otherwise they will continue with their Satyagrah and perform Jal Samadhi (suicide by drowning). Sattore, a flood-prone Panchayat has about 3000 houses.

Satyagrah by the river (Image source: Umesh K Ray)
A broken down school in Givha, Saharsa district, Bihar, destroyed in the floods after the Kusaha breached in 2008
This article voices the agitation of the people of Saharsa District in Bihar for building an embankment on the Kosi River, which destroyed many people and property in the 2008 flood. rajshekar posted 11 years 9 months ago

When the foundation stone for the Kosi embankment was laid on January 14, 1955, near Nirmali in Saharsa district in Bihar, euphoric people shouted, Aadhi roti khayenge, Kosi bandh banayenge (we will eat only half a chapati but we will surely build the embankment), writes the prolific engineer and activist Dinesh Mishra in his book, “ Trapped! Between the Devil and the Deep Waters.” No one really paid any attention to the protests and the fears of the people who would live with these embankments and what would happen to their lives.

GOONJ's urgent appeal to provide for winters in the the flood affected districts of Bihar
This is an appeal for a large quantities of woolens and blankets for Rahat Winters, GOONJ's annual campaign iwp posted 13 years ago

This year we certainly need much larger quantities due to extensive work going on in flood affected areas of Bihar & Orissa. We are thankful to a large number of organizations & individuals who whole-heartedly supported our campaign Rahat Floods.

Dalit Watch's report on Bihar flood relief camps in the wake of the devastating floods on the India-Nepal border in 2008
Here's Dalit Watch's report on the relief camps in the wake of the devastating floods on the India-Nepal border iwp posted 13 years 2 months ago

In September 2008, Dalit Watch published a report on its findings while monitoring 205 relief camps in the wake of the devastating floods on the India-Nepal border. This report records the damage caused by the breach on the embankment of the Kosi river in August 2008 and appraises the quality of relief efforts in the aftermath of the floods.

District-wise details on 2007 Bihar floods from local NGOs
The overall situation in north Bihar is grim. In all the five districts where NGOs work, severe flood have been reported iwp posted 14 years 5 months ago

Notes on flood situation district-wise in Khagaria, Sahasra, Supaul, Madhubani, and West Champaran districts of Bihar.These were compiled by the Megh Pyne Abhiyan, a network of NGOs in North Bihar. (Due to the difficulty of the ground situation some inaccuracies may be present)