Ramganga (Ganga)

Industrial waste discharge needs monitoring: NGT
Policy matters this week Posted on 19 Sep, 2018 02:40 PM

NGT asks CPCB to monitor industrial waste discharge of states

A creek near a thermal power plant. (Source: IWP Flickr photos)
Now, Narmada is also a living entity
Policy matters this week Posted on 08 May, 2017 08:19 PM

Following Ganga and Yamuna, Narmada river also gets living entity status

Narmada river (Source: Wikipedia commons)
Effluent treatment plant a must for industries: SC
Policy matters this week Posted on 27 Feb, 2017 08:03 PM

SC gets strict with industrial units 

A creek near a thermal power plant. (Source: IWP Flickr photos)
Acquired lands lay barren, SC questions states
Policy matters this week Posted on 16 Jan, 2017 12:11 PM

Why are lands acquired from farmers barren? SC asks states

Women farmers protest against land acquisition (Source: IWP Flickr Photos)
Curious case of disappearing fish
Fish species are rapidly disappearing from Himalayan rivers. Dams are not the reason. Human activity is. Posted on 07 Jan, 2017 09:41 PM

Jaman Ram, a resident of Bhikia Sain, a tehsil in Uttarakhand, remembers fishing with his father in the Ramganga. “We could catch 80-100 kilograms of fish a day. That is no longer possible,” he says. Shafiq of Haldwani shares an unsettling memory of the Ramganga. As a young man on a holiday, he was paddling in the river near Marchula when the rock he was standing on shifted.

Mahseer swim in the bracing waters of the Ganga in Uttarakhand.
Uttarakhand finally recognises the land rights of three villages displaced by Tehri dam
Policy matters this week Posted on 01 Dec, 2015 08:44 PM

Three villages displaced by Tehri dam finally recognised as revenue villages

Tehri dam in the lean season (Source: IWP Flickr Photos)
Dolphins in the Ganga and its tributaries nearly doubles in 3 years
News this week Posted on 12 Oct, 2015 09:30 PM

Ganga and its tributaries, except the Ramganga show increased dolphin numbers

The Gangetic Dolphin (Source: Arati Kumar Rao)
SC denies land to Coca-Cola in Chharba, Uttarakhand
Policy matters this week Posted on 05 May, 2015 11:30 AM

After Tamil Nadu, Uttarakhand also bids goodbye to Coca Cola

The scrubland that the Coca Cola company requires
A speed limit on river use
"People tend to ask what (revenue in dollars) water for environmental flows is going to generate. That's not the question you should be asking", says Professor Jay O'Keeffe in an interview with IWP. Posted on 21 Mar, 2015 01:08 PM

Professor Jay O'Keeffe is well-known to all those who are interested in the concept of environmental flow releases. The Professor has been involved in this, all over the world, since the seventies.

The Ganga at sunset
How will the Ramganga flow?
Since the 1970s, the Ramganga has been governed by dam releases. Now an ambitious project seeks to restore environmental flows in the river. Posted on 25 Nov, 2014 02:57 PM

We sat on a charpoy in Agwaanpur and talked of flood warning systems for the Ramganga. Of all the places I had visited, Agwaanpur, probably due to its urban nature, was the only one which boasted a rudimentary system. The police would inform the Maulvi that a flood release was expected, and he would repeat the warning using the  loudspeaker normally used to summon people to prayer.

Life along the Ramganga