Nicobar District

In the name of development
The indigenous community of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands has been systematically alienated from their land by the colonial and post-colonial policies. A new book chronicles the change. Posted on 06 May, 2017 08:12 PM

Pankaj Sekhsaria’s recent book Islands in flux--The Andaman and Nicobar Story is a collection of around 20 years of his writings on the environmental and conservation concerns faced by the indigenous tribal communities of the region.

The forests and the tribal communities of the islands are being decimated. (Source: Wikimedia Commons)
Impact of the 2004 Tsunami on the Nicobar Islands
The before-after satellite imagery from National Remote Sensing Agency depicting the impact of 2004 Tsunami on Nicobar Islands Posted on 11 Aug, 2009 11:41 AM

These "before-after" satellite map images from the UNOSAT website depict the impact of the 2004 Tsunami on the Nicobar Islands.