• Sukal Singh is 50 years old and is the only earning person of his five-member family. Suresh Barman works as a labourer supporting a 13-member family. Bhagirat and Gorelal Bhavedi are rickshaw-pullers supporting a 7-member family each. What each of these people has in common is that they a...
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  • Mandate green clearance for small hydel projects, demand expertsOwing to the severe impacts the small hydel projects have on communities and ecosystems, 47 experts and organisations across the country write to MoEF for including these projects under the purview of EIA Notification 2006.UP ...
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  • Environment activists unite against the 'Statue of Unity' The 182 metre high iron and bronze statue of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel proposed in Gujarat's Narmada district has not yet applied for environment clearance. Environment activists have written to the Ministry of Environment and Forests asking ...
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  • Sardar Patel's statue project violates green lawsActivists allege that the statue project near Sardar Sarovar dam in Gujarat is being carried out without any environmental clearance. Ask MoEF to halt the project.Andhra denies water to KarnatakaOwing to a high demand of water in the Anantpur dis...
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  • Gujarat government culls protest against weir on the Narmada riverTribal groups and environment activists planning a hunger strike against the proposed Garudeshwar weir on the Narmada river were put under house arrest on October 31, the birth anniversary of freedom fighter Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel....
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  • Master plan to channelize Beas is underwayOwing to the destruction the river causes to Manali town in Himachal Pradesh every monsoon, Central Water and Power Research Station proposes to channelise flow of Beas river and construct artificial lakes along its banks.SC rejects the appeal for ...
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  • 37% of the Western Ghats "ecologically sensitive"Acting on the recommendations of the second committee on the Western Ghats headed by Planning Commission member K. Kasturirangan, the Environment Ministry is going to declare one-third of the region as ecologically sensitive. This would mean that no p...
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  • Pahanbarri was a small village of 3000 people in Madhya Pradesh's Hoshangabad district. The 200-year old village was known for its fertile soil, thanks to being located on the banks of the Tawa, a tributary of the Narmada river. On August 1 this year, the river changed its course, broke its bank and...
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  • Urgent action needed to tackle climate changeGetting repetitive on climate change being human-induced, IPCC's fifth assessment report comes as no big surprise.Women education and under five child mortality directly relatedCompletion of secondary education by Indian women to ...
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  • POLICY MATTERS200-crore penalty for Adani's Mundra portThe Ministry of Environment and Forests has slapped a penalty of Rs 200 crore on the Adani group for violating green norms during the construction of their port and SEZ in Kutch district of Gujarat. The Ministry will also cancel environmental cl...
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  • MP govt enforces curfew to suppress JalsatyagrahState government issues arrest orders against the evacuees staging protest against raising water level in the Indira Sagar Dam and demanding compensation. Focus open defecationUN urges all the countries to step up their efforts on sanitation, espe...
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  • POLICY MATTERS Food security bill passed Food security bill, a game changer for the Congress in the 2014 general elections, was passed by the Lok Sabha this week. Targetted to benefit 82 crore people, the food security programme will be the largest in the world. 62 million tonnes of food grain wil...
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  • Artificial diversion of Narmada river for construction of Sardar Sarovar dam has led to soil erosion of hundreds of acres of land in Bharuch, Gujarat
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  • Owing to continued rains, Madhya Pradesh High Court extends deadline for the people to demolish their houses and claim compensation to September 8, 2013
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  • Organisation says the state government does not recognise the extent of water problem in villages as no arrangement for drinking water and fodder is in sight
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  • Startling conditionalitiesManthan has been studying the project for the last 3-4 years and has been able to bring out startling conditionalities based on which the Khandwa Municipal Corporation (KMC) has signed the concession agreement with Vishwa Utilities Pvt. Ltd. The study Manthan has done in th...
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  •  This proposal prepared by Hoshangabad Nagar Palika Parishad, Government of Madhya Pradesh and Water and Sanitation Programme South Asia, is meant to ensure that every household in this town adopts safe sanitation practices and is to help enable the urban local body, implement a city wide sanit...
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  • Article and Video Courtesy: Video Volunteers  Rakesh knows a lot about the Narmada Dams. Indeed, his own family has been a victim of this gigantic project – the construction of 30 dams on the Narmada river – that has displaced thousands of villagers, and remains as a symbol of the dest...
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  • Article and Images by: National Alliance of People's Movements  It is 25 years since the Narmada Bachao Andolan came into existence as a challenging response by the adivasis, farmers and other nature-based communities of the Narmada valley against large-scale displacement, environmental de...
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  • This working paper by the Centre for the Study of Law and Governance, Jawaharlal Nehru University offers an analysis of the role of law in the Narmada valley struggle, especially that which was waged by one of India’s most prominent social movements in recent years, Narmada Bachao Andolan (NBA), w...
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Garudeshwar dam: for a statue or for people?

The dam in Gujarat's Bharuch district will act as downstream storage for the Sardar Sarovar project which means it can't be used for irrigation, flood control or even net power generation.However, it will create a reservoir around the 'Statue of Unity' proposed to be world's tallest statue

News this week: Upcoming elections pose risk to water security of MP and Gujarat; No action taken by MoEF against illegal Garudeshwar dam in Gujarat; Karur's farmers to exercise NOTA.

More power, but no water security to MP and Gujarat, observes SANDRP




Steep fall in water table worries Tamil Nadu

Ground water level has fallen sharply even in Coimbatore and Theni, the districts abutting the forested Western Ghats region. Across the state, water table has fallen by 0.5 metres to 2.3 metres in the last one year

Water level in Narmada dams hits record low

India will be the hotspot of water crisis by 2025: UN

 7 Goa hotels sealed

The State Pollution Control Board ordered the sealing of the hotels for malfunctioning sewage treatment plants, overflowing soak pits or no consent to operate certificate from the Board

Assam objects to hydel project in upstream Arunachal

El Nino might affect 2014 monsoon

The weather phenomenon that disturbs cloud formation could bring down India's economic growth from the current 6% to 5.2% in the next financial year, says a study by the credit Rating Information Services of India Limited

Centre accepts Kerala's demands on Western Ghats

Railways transfer officer who revealed water contamination

Alok Verma , the Northern Railways chief engineer who conducted the survey on water contamination at railway stations has been transferred out of Delhi. Out of 1000 water samples tested, many were found contaminated with coliform bacteria

Rs 975 crores to prepare DPRs

India's first river interlinking project inuagurated

Policy matters this week: PMO orders framing of draft legislation to protect the Ganga; Narmada-Kshipra river linking scheme passes the test; World Bank to support low-income states.

PMO approves law to protect Ganga river




Sikkim only state in the country with 100% sanitation

All 6,10,577 rural and urban families in Sikkim have latrines with high sanitation and hygiene standard. It's mandatory for gram sabhas in the state to take up sanitation at top priority

Land near Tehri reservoir sinking


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