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India will be the hotspot of water crisis by 2025: UN

Bombay HC orders ban on wetland reclamation

The Court ordered the ban in the whole of Maharashtra in response to a petition filed by NGO Vanshakti for saving wetlands and for setting up wetlands authority to monitor violations. The Court also directed the authorities to submit an 'action-taken report' against the violations

In all the housing societies in Mumbai & Thane cities the car is washed using borewell water. Over a period of time it leaves a heavy stain on car windows which is difficult to remove.

I have tried many stain removers but all in vain. The car service centres also do not have a solution to this problem and they have suggested to stop using borewell water or reduce the frequency of car wash to once a week from daily. 

Is there any sure-shot solution to get rid of these stains?





Hailstorm destroys crop in Maharashtra

Unexpected rain and hailstorm severely impacts crops like wheat, grapes, papaya, cotton, onion and Jowar spread over 12 lakh hectares and kills thousands of livestock, animals and birds even as the State still does not have a plan for climate change.

24*7 water relief for Belgaum

The 24*7 water supply by the Karnataka Urban Water and Sanitation Improvement Programme in collaboration with a private company to about 10% the population in the city has been able to curb water-borne diseases due to high pressure in pipelines

Arsenicosis widespread but no water tests kits

764 industries behind Ganga pollution

In a survey conducted between 2011 and 2013, the Central Pollution Control Board identified the polluting industries in five states on the main stem of the river and its tributaries

Ineffective chlorination behind railway stations' contaminated water

We are living in an old four storey building which has Indian style toilets. The landlord of the building has died. We want to build western toilet in the house but the govt licensed plumber says its possible after getting NOCs and other documents from the landlord and person who has occupied the room below us. Has the govt passed any regulation stating that there is no need for such NOC for senior citizen's? Please help.




Railways transfer officer who revealed water contamination

Alok Verma , the Northern Railways chief engineer who conducted the survey on water contamination at railway stations has been transferred out of Delhi. Out of 1000 water samples tested, many were found contaminated with coliform bacteria

Rs 975 crores to prepare DPRs

The analysis of borewell water sample is as follows:
ph: 7.8
colour <1 hazen units
TDS- 580 mg.lit
Total Alkalinity: 270 mg/l
Total Hardness: 380 mg/l
Chlorides: 76 mg/lit
Calcium: 74 mg/lit
Magnesium: 47.5 mg/lit
Sulphates: 31 mg/lit
Reactive silica: 17.3 mg/lit
Odour: Agreeable

What is the cost effective solution for softening the above borewell water for the purpose of drinking, bathing, washing and toilet use.

Looking forward to hear from you.




Manipur villagers spend Rs 400 per month on drinking water

79% people living in villages of the four valley districts in Manipur use raw water from ponds, rivers and canals, says the Village Development Profile published by the Manipur State Panchayat Parishad

Pollution plagues holy wells of Rameshwaram temple


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