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Rains hit 3200 villages in Andhra

Heavy rains and floods in the state took 29 human and 555 cattle lives. Destroys 6,597 houses and crops in 5.64 lakh hectares.

Montreal Protocol meeting leaves no big impact

Kerala stands against govt's decision on Western Ghats

Criticising the government for ignoring Gadgil report, Kerala government appoints new panel to study Kasturirangan Committee report on conservation of Western Ghats. 

NGT orders environment restoration of Puri 

Policy matters this week: One-third of the Western Ghats declared eco-sensitive zone, Narmada canals' water to go to industry and the government to construct godowns for food grains under MNREGA.

37% of the Western Ghats "ecologically sensitive"




India two ranks up in global hunger index

Scores 63 in global hunger index, 2013, and falls under the alarming zone of hunger. High prevalence of malnourished children under five still remains a huge challenge for the country.

After super cyclone, floods hit Odisha

110 nations sign the treaty that bans mercury

UN adopts Minamata Convention that sets to phase out production and use of mercury by 2020. 

World Bank praises MNREGA

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Final nod to Telangana

Government approves bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh into Telangana and Seemandhra with Hyderabad as a joint capital for 10 years. The approval came two months after the passing of resolution to form the 29th Indian state.

Solar powered India- not a distant reality anymore

According to estimates by the Indian Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD), the urban population of India produces between 0.2 and 0.6 kg of waste per head each day. Over the year municipal waste from the country´s 1.2 billion inhabitants accumulates to a total of 78.14 million tonnes (2011). India´s growing population and the increasing prosperity of many Indians will, according to the MoUD experts, lead to a further increase in waste flows of around five percent per year.


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