Sardar Patel's statue project violates green laws

Activists allege that the statue project near Sardar Sarovar dam in Gujarat is being carried out without any environmental clearance. Ask MoEF to halt the project.

Andhra denies water to Karnataka

Unrecognised slums get recognition

Census of India develops the new method of identifying slums as unhygienic and compact dwellings of atleast 300 people lacking proper sanitation and drinking water facilities. With the new method, many unknown slums have added up to the category.

The mega campaign to conserve fuel

Rajya Sabha passes the land bill

Revised land acquisition bill that does not provide for social impact assessment for irrigation projects clears in the Upper House. The bill returns to the Lok Sabha for approval of amendements made in it.

Mumbai fearful of dengue

The western ghats are being relentlessly and systematically dammed. Officials create confusing jargon, find legal loopholes and the environmental procedure is waved off.

These global biodiversity hotspots in the country, extraordinarily rich in plant and animal species, are being submerged in the name of development and growth. An overview of the dams built and proposed in this area.






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