Dear IWP

I was unable to get the rainfall data of Kozhikode district from 2011 to 2014 from your site.







I have a borewell about 250 ft. I want to block the bottom of the borewell, because there is 30 ft of bad water and rest of water are good...

I need valuable advice, please help me....




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May 20, 2014 12:00AM





Fly ash laden water from power plant contaminates water in MP village

The water spilled into the village when mud wall of the fly ash dyke of Essar's Mahan thermal power plant in Singrauli district collapsed. In an earlier instance, the state pollution control board asked the plant to shut down when fly ash from the plant was found flowing in a nearby stream

Thermal power plants India's biggest water guzzling industry

Most of the older generation thermal plants in India use open loop–wet cooling systems which accounts for 40-80 times more water use than the world average. These plants constitute 88% of the total industrial water demand in the country

 7 Goa hotels sealed

The State Pollution Control Board ordered the sealing of the hotels for malfunctioning sewage treatment plants, overflowing soak pits or no consent to operate certificate from the Board

Assam objects to hydel project in upstream Arunachal

Rains hit 3200 villages in Andhra

Heavy rains and floods in the state took 29 human and 555 cattle lives. Destroys 6,597 houses and crops in 5.64 lakh hectares.

Montreal Protocol meeting leaves no big impact

Hydro projects on Subansiri to affect downstream stretch 

The cumulative impact report by CWC on hydel projects on Subansiri river basin in Arunachal Pradesh raises possibility of reduced water level in downstream areas.

Development funds include climate grants


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Dear Sir,

Last summer I dug a new borewell which is yielding good amount of water. Recently we have noticed a change in the colour of water which has turned blackish. The mud in this area is slight whitish as we seen in the farms hence we are not sure if its because of silt.

My questions are:

- Is this blackish colour normal ?

- How do we make sure that this water is safe for drinking?





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