Leachate from thermal plants in Mettur flows straight into the Cauvery river polluting cotton fields along the way. What else is this affecting?

Mettur, a lush green valley town near Salem in Tamil Nadu, is most famous for the Mettur Dam and the Cauvery river, which originates at Talakaveri, in Kodagu, Karnataka. A largely agricultural town, Mettur's move to industrialisation happened in 1936 when Mettur Chemicals set up India’s first caustic-chlorine factory above the Stanley Reservoir. 

Here, on the banks of the Cauvery, are many cotton fields. The peculiarity of these fields is that the cotton plants look as though they are growing on ash and not on soil! What has caused this? 




News this week

The rural-urban divide in access to sanitation reduces: UN




Garudeshwar dam: for a statue or for people?

The dam in Gujarat's Bharuch district will act as downstream storage for the Sardar Sarovar project which means it can't be used for irrigation, flood control or even net power generation.However, it will create a reservoir around the 'Statue of Unity' proposed to be world's tallest statue

Policy matters this week: Tribunal resolves Goa-Karnataka dispute over water project; TN protests Karnataka's water scheme in Cauvery basin; Resolve Delhi-Haryana water dispute: HC to Centre.

Tribunal's order over Kalasa-Banduri Project brings respite to Goa and Karnataka




Steep fall in water table worries Tamil Nadu

Ground water level has fallen sharply even in Coimbatore and Theni, the districts abutting the forested Western Ghats region. Across the state, water table has fallen by 0.5 metres to 2.3 metres in the last one year

Water level in Narmada dams hits record low

Ganga full of Superbugs

Level of multi-drug resistant viruses in the river goes up by 60 times during the pilgrimage season of May-June, say researchers.

Wells around ISRO unit contaminated with rocket fuel chemical

Uninformed construction on the Indian side floods Nepal

Construction of embankments and dykes along Kaliganga river in Uttarakhand results in floods in Nepal's Dharchula district downstream.

A new law Ganga

PMO asks the Environment Ministry to frame the law that will give authorities the power to monitor and regulate the dischare of wastewater, industrial effluents and management of municipal solid waste through the imposition of penalties and damages.

Maharashtra village reclaim rights on submerged forest

Korku tribals in Amravathi district lost their agricultural and forest land to a dam in 2005-06; reclaim fishing and management rights over part of the reservoir under Forest Rights Act

'Rajasthan getting only 1% of its share in Yamuna water'

River diversion project launch put off

The Yettinahole project, which Union Environment Minister Veerappa Moily was to launch, has not received clearance from the environment and forest department yet. Timely letter by NGO SANDRP puts brakes on the launch plans

Patna to have biggest sewerage project of India


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