Gorakhpur District

Impact of the pandemic on the endemic
Japanese Encephalitis and Acute Encephalitis Syndrome could spread in the shadow of the pandemic. Posted on 25 Jun, 2020 03:08 PM

While the pandemic Covid-19 has completely taken over the health infrastructure in the country and all eyes were on it, the annual havoc created by Acute Encephalitis Syndrome (AES), popularly known as Chamki Bukhar is already making news in districts of Bihar.

Will our fragile health care systems and infrastructure be able to deal with the burden of diseases like Japanese Encephalitis? (Image: Gorakhpur Environmental Action Group)
Maharashtra comes out with draft groundwater rules
Policy matters this week Posted on 05 Sep, 2018 06:26 AM

Maharashtra farmers to need approval to sow water-intensive crops 

A sugarcane farm (Source: IWP Flickr photos)
Mumbai drowns in flood water
News this week Posted on 05 Sep, 2017 09:28 PM

Destruction of river and mangroves blamed for Mumbai floods

Heavy rains flood Mumbai. (Source: Flickr photos)
Tackling encephalitis: The sanitation connect
Recent encephalitis deaths in Gorakhpur put the spotlight back on the disease and the importance of better sanitation as a preventive measure. Posted on 04 Sep, 2017 04:58 AM

Gorakhpur is back in the news with 42 more children dying in 48 hours at one of the biggest hospitals here--Baba Raghav Das Medical College Hospital or BRD hospital.

Sanitation plays an important part in preventing encephalitis. (Image Source: Wikimedia Commons)
Is it possible to build resilience to climate change?
As the earth warms up, farmers face the most heat. Can they be better prepared and move towards a safer future? The film ‘For a safer future: Insights on climate resilience from India’, shows how. Posted on 13 Nov, 2015 10:57 PM

Gorakhpur of Eastern UP is not new to floods. Her people have understood and adapted to the flow and ebb of the waters that have been a part of their lives for long. People here have learned to live with the flood in tune with nature’s wayward ways. Though nature continues to play truant, recent years have seen an increasingy abrupt, uncertain and accelerated face of these disasters.

‘For a safer future: Insights on climate resilience from India’: A film (Source: GEAG and TERI)
Creaking cities, vanishing ecosystems
An ecosystems-approach based on an understanding of the importance and contribution of ecosystem services is needed if both urban and peri-urban areas are to be developed sustainably and inclusively. Posted on 14 Aug, 2015 12:43 PM

Ecosystems are complex functioning units that include living as well as non living entities and build on interdependent relationships among these living resources, surrounding habitats and reside

Ecosystems and their role in climate change resilience
A miracle in Mahewa
Residents of one ward in Gorakhpur, UP, did a few things to reduce their vulnerability against climate change, which is causing crises in many areas. Posted on 08 Oct, 2014 09:14 PM

There is nothing special about Mahewa. It is a small ward in the town of Gorakhpur, far enough on the outskirts of the city, and it hasn't seem to have made up its mind on whether it is a city or a village. Part of it is in the form of 'bungalow colonies', part in the form of small farms. Small share-autos service the area.

The impact of the Waste Management Committee
Phailin rain increases Andhra groundwater levels
News this week: Rainfall after Phailin increases groundwater level in Andhra, poor sanitation in eastern UP and activists rise against petroleum investment zone in Visakhapatnam. Posted on 19 Nov, 2013 10:21 AM

Phailin increases Andhra groundwater levels

Phailin raises groundwater in Andhra (EU-ECHO)
Extreme weather warning!
Climate change is manifesting itself through modified rainfall patterns, extreme events and temperature fluctuations. What effect will these have on water, sanitation and health in India? Posted on 11 Jul, 2013 04:04 PM

We sat in a plush climate-controlled room and deliberated climate change as the outside world collapsed around us..

The flooded Bagmati river
The Nirmal Bharat Yatra - Segregation - the culprit - Menstrual hygiene training of teachers at Gorakhpur
Building integrated classrooms looks like a distant dream, when teachers themselves follow an unwritten code of segregation Posted on 11 Nov, 2012 11:56 PM

Boys sit here, girls sit there. A rule I grew up to as well, it seemed the easiest thing to do, back in school. Girls talk more and boys are irritating, who wants to sit with them anyway. We did talk to them. We had crushes on them and vice-versa.