UNICEF's digital media campaign against open defecation

UNICEF launches a three-month long campaign 'Take Poo to the Loo' to raise awareness against defecation in open among the youth.

Govt addresses Andhra's river water sharing issues

MoEF finally notifies 37% of Western Ghats as no-go zone

Mandate green clearance for small hydel projects, demand experts

Owing to the severe impacts the small hydel projects have on communities and ecosystems, 47 experts and organisations across the country write to MoEF for including these projects under the purview of EIA Notification 2006.

UP govt plans to recharge died rivulets 

News this week: Gujarat government puts environment activists under house arrest, Goa's mining zone highly polluted and Assam's rice bowl turns into wasteland due to siltation.

Gujarat government culls protest against weir on the Narmada river




An add-on to the harms of arsenic contaminated water 

Arsenic contamination of water has led to development of widespread resistance in the country to antimonial drug used to treat leishmaniasis, finds study.

HC allows construction of Bihar's Utkal asbestos plant

India strengthens its ties with China

The two countries sign a new agreement strengthening their relationship on trans-border rivers. China assures facilitating exchange of flood data and eases India's concern over new dams on Brahmaputra.

Creating national regulator for green nod not possible, tells govt to SC

News this week: India moves up on the Global Hunger Index, Churu on its way to total sanitation and Phailin affected areas face drinking water stress.

India moves up two notches on the Global Hunger Index




After mercury, lead comes into the limelight 

WHO warns the world against the threat of lead poisoning on children globally. Calls upon all the countries to take stong actions for elimination of lead poisoning.

Govt makes study of river basin carrying capacity mandatory

India to map aquifers using choppers

Ministry of Water Resources starts Rs. 41 crore pilot project that is going to utilise the aerial geophysical techniques to find clean and safe drinking water. 

UN tags Odisha's disaster management as a landmark success story

Criminal proceedings against Mahyco and others to continue

Karnataka High Court permits biodiversity boards to go forward with the biopiracy case against Mahyco and others, charged for using traditional varieties to develop Bt brinjal without taking sanctions from concerned authorities.

Super cyclone affects lakhs of people


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