Dimapur District

The Naga Pride
The film, The Naga Pride tells the story of the transformation of a Naga tribe from being Amur falcon hunters to protectors. Posted on 17 Dec, 2018 08:42 PM

Amur falcons are among the strongest fliers in the avian world. Since the last 25 years, they have been migrating to the Northeast especially Nagaland from Siberia en route to their final destination—Somalia, Kenya and South Africa. 

Amur Falcons (Screenshot of the film The Naga Pride, Source: Sumanth Kuduvalli)
Restoring water supply to Nagaland's hills
Damage of water pipelines due to landslides can be tackled by creating quick action plans and alternative sustainable sources. Posted on 06 Jan, 2014 08:52 AM

Nagaland depends on surface sources such as streams, rivulets, springs and ponds, which are monsoon fed for its drinking water. However, the quantity of water in these sources has depleted across the state. This could be due to deforestation, jhum cultivation and other human intervention.

A damaged water pipeline in Nagaland