Gujarat allocates 3 MLD of Narmada water to upcoming Coca Cola plant
News this week Posted on 21 Sep, 2014 10:27 PM

Gujarat Government allocates Narmada water to Coca Cola plant at Sanand

Coca Cola bottling plant (Source: S. Subramanium)
India moves up on the Global Hunger Index
News this week: India moves up on the Global Hunger Index, Churu on its way to total sanitation and Phailin affected areas face drinking water stress. Posted on 21 Oct, 2013 04:56 PM

India moves up two notches on the Global Hunger Index

Child malnutrition Source: The Indian Express
200-crore penalty for Adani's Mundra port
News this week: 200-crore penalty on Mundra port, Parliament passes Land Acquisition Bill and dengue spreads in Mumbai. Posted on 08 Sep, 2013 07:32 PM


200-crore penalty for Adani's Mundra port

Land reclaimation from the sea at the Mundra Port
Two ancient irrigation systems of India - Paper presented at the National Seminar on Water and Culture (2007)
This paper presents two different types of irrigation systems used in ancient India. Both are based on the overflow system of irrigation. Posted on 14 Feb, 2011 05:03 AM

The Phad system of irrigation, is found in Maharashtra over the rivers Panzara, Girna and Burai, which are tributaries of Tapi.

Mining - An increasing threat to our rivers - Article by Nitya Jacob
Mining constitutes a major, and largely unrecognized, threat to our rivers. It takes away what we have and also destroys whatever is left of it. Posted on 20 Dec, 2010 12:29 AM

Content Courtesy: Solution Exchange and Nitya Jacob
Author: Nitya Jacob

India’s arteries are choking. Her rivers, the lifeline of hundreds of millions, are over-taxed, polluted and encroached. They are being mined, dammed and emptied of water. Save for the four monsoon months, most rivers are streams of drains, depending on how many cities they pass through. This year people gaped in awe at the River Yamuna (I am sure they were over-awed by other rivers elsewhere too) as for the first time since 1978 looked like a river and not a drain.