My land is located at 1.5 km from PAP main canal. Three months ago we dug a borewell (850 feet deep). But the borewell failed.

Now due to flow of water in the canal, we are getting water from the same borewell but low volume.

I need help in identifying another source of water for drilling a new borewell.




HC upholds ban on plastic packaging for junk food in HP

Vacates stay on Himachal Pradesh government's order banning plastic packaging for 25 junk food items. Directs enforcement of the ban from January 26, 2014.

MoEF gives conditional nod to Haryana's nuclear power project

New MoEF Minister delays final notification on Western Ghats 

Draft notification for declaring eco-sensitive area in the Western Ghats has been put on hold as the new Environment Minister wants to invite comments from CMs of the six states.

Uttarakhand govt initiates allotment process of small hydel projects

Maharashtra govt plans for land reclamation from sea

State government revives its past suggestion for large-scale restoration of land in Mumbai from the Arabian Sea. Recommends undertaking the study to assess the environmental and social impact of the reclamation project.

UP govt releases Rs. 10 crore for Ganga project

Mandate green clearance for small hydel projects, demand experts

Owing to the severe impacts the small hydel projects have on communities and ecosystems, 47 experts and organisations across the country write to MoEF for including these projects under the purview of EIA Notification 2006.

UP govt plans to recharge died rivulets 

News this week: 'Statue of Unity' doesn't have environment clearance, smoke from religious ceremonies causing glacier melt and migratory birds celebrate a peaceful Diwali in Coimbatore.

Environment activists unite against the 'Statue of Unity'




UNEP launches global project to save aquatic ecosystems

With an aim to improve the health of deteriorating water resources globally, UNEP launches the International Water Quality Guidelines for Ecosystems at the Budapest Water Summit.

HC orders Delhi govt to protect city's water bodies

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I would like to get location specific details of areas where water is contaminated by organic matter. Also any possible information on how it is being addressed in these areas like use of UV filter or bio sand filter etc will be useful 

Thanks in Advance





Unrecognised slums get recognition

Census of India develops the new method of identifying slums as unhygienic and compact dwellings of atleast 300 people lacking proper sanitation and drinking water facilities. With the new method, many unknown slums have added up to the category.

The mega campaign to conserve fuel


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