From water carriers to water entrepreneurs
Women become active leaders in the iJal value chain Amita Bhaduri posted 7 months 3 weeks ago

Imagine having to travel 7 to 8 kilometers every day to fetch water from a village because t

iJal bridged the gender gap through economic empowerment and reduced the water collection drudgery for women (Image: Safe Water Network)
A future without water?
Once abundant with water, Sikri village is fighting a losing battle to meet its water needs. Amita Bhaduri posted 3 years 1 month ago

Sikri is a small village that lies 65 km north-west of Bharatpur on the Alwar road. The village used to depend on a traditional irrigation system that assured water throughout the year. A local saying related to the water availability at Sikri goes thus: Lakh daal le chittri, jay rahoongi Sikri (You may put lakhs of fetters to stop it, but the waters will still reach Sikri).

An off-taking canal that promoted flow irrigation. The system has become a relic of the past. There is a demand to revive this colonial irrigation system whose bund is over 17-km long and has 28 distributaries. (Image: India Water Portal)
Seed of doubt
While several studies confirm that GM crops can have serious impact on the safety of both humans and environment, the government is going ahead with GM mustard. Amita Bhaduri posted 4 years 7 months ago

Signs of mustard aphid, a key pest of the mustard crop appeared predictably in November last year in Dinesh’s farm. Drifting across the open green fields, it landed on the tender leaves of the mustard crop. “It sets in November during the flowering and pod bearing stage of the crop and lasts till January.

Opposition to GM mustard intensifies in India. (Image: Swadeshi Kheti)
Summer of discontent
A wetland which is one of the Ramsar sites in India, struggles to maintain its character due to lack of water. Amita Bhaduri posted 5 years 1 month ago

On a 29 sq km tract of land in Bharatpur, Rajasthan lies the wildlife reserve, Keoladeo national park, locally known as Ghana. Birds enjoy the open water while wildlife roams freely in this montage of wetland, grassland and forest. The wetland, which is man-made, has a diversity of open water, trees and grasses.

An Indian cormorant dries its wings at Keoladeo national park, Bharatpur. (Source: Aastha Singh, Wikimedia Commons)
Palace named after monsoon in Rajasthan
The Deeg palace, also known as 'Jal Mahal' for its extensive water designs which mimic the clouds and rains, is a must visit. Manu Moudgil posted 5 years 9 months ago

Forts and palaces of Rajasthan are well known for their water-based architecture, which sustained life and also kept out the extreme summer heat. Though mostly absent from travel itineraries, Deeg Palace in Bharatpur district scores over the big names when it comes to aquatic ingenunity.

Deeg Palace is known for its fountains which are run twice a year.
Wetlands for water quality management – The science and technology: A paper from Current Issues in Water Management
This paper examines the use of constructed wetlands for water purification. chicu posted 10 years ago

The introduction begins witha brief overview of wetlands: their nature and services offered. These wetlands are ecosystems with water that is static or flowing and characerized by emergent , floating and submerged aquatic vegetation. Some of the services provided by wetlands are fish and fiber, water supply, water purification, flood regulation, recreational opportunities and tourism. It then details the importance of wetlands for water purification.Toxins enter the wetlands through farms, factories and runoff. These toxins are broken down or otherwise buried using a variety of bacteria. 

Location map of Keoladeo National park

Location map of Keoladeo National Park

CGWB's district groundwater atlas of Rajasthan
Comprehensive groundwater Atlas of Rajasthan published by the Central Groundwater Board rajshekar posted 12 years 5 months ago

CGWB's groundwater atlas all the basic information regarding Rajasthan's groundwater including the following: