Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Green panel clears Central Vista project
Policy matters this fortnight Amita Bhaduri posted 6 months 1 week ago

Green panel clears Central Vista projects

Rajpath's Central Vista Avenue project (Image: Students of Master in Sustainable Architecture at Central University of Rajasthan, Counterview)
Rising sea temperatures pose a threat to coral reefs
Study analysing data of sea surface temperatures since 1982 finds that three mass bleaching events impacted five major Indian coral reefs. priyad posted 2 years 1 month ago

Bengaluru, September 24 (India Science Wire): The Indian coastline is home to an ancient and diverse coral reef system that provides natural habitat for diverse marine underwater ecosystem.

Image used for representational purposes only. Image source: Wikimedia Commons
Engage local communities to protect marine life: study
Study shows need for awareness, involvement of local stakeholders to protect marine life priyad posted 2 years 4 months ago

New Delhi, June 25 (India Science Wire): A new study by Wildlife Conservation Society-India has emphasised the need for awareness campaigns, involvement of local stakeholders in decision-making and empowerment of authorities to help promote protection of marine species. 

Gorgonians, one of the highly traded species, which is protected under WLPA (Photo : Vardhan Patankar)
A fishing holiday for marine health
Can seasonal fishing ban improve fish production and biodiversity? A video has the answers. makarandpurohit posted 4 years 2 months ago

"The world has enough for everyone's needs, but not enough for everyone's greed”--Mahatma Gandhi 

A fisherman shows juvenile fishes. (Source: India water portal)
In the name of development
The indigenous community of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands has been systematically alienated from their land by the colonial and post-colonial policies. A new book chronicles the change. Amita Bhaduri posted 4 years 6 months ago

Pankaj Sekhsaria’s recent book Islands in flux--The Andaman and Nicobar Story is a collection of around 20 years of his writings on the environmental and conservation concerns faced by the indigenous tribal communities of the region.

The forests and the tribal communities of the islands are being decimated. (Source: Wikimedia Commons)
Vacancy for the post of 'Site Coordinator', LEMoN India, Andaman Islands & Andhra Pradesh
An objective to establish a network of one-hectare long-term forest monitoring plots at multiple sites across India. sabitakaushal posted 8 years ago

For information on the organisation, LEMoN India, please click here.

To view further details on the opening, click here.

Indian islands declared 'hope spots'
Policy matters this week: IUCN declares Andaman and Nicobar and Lakshadweep as 'hope spots', CWPRS plans to channelise the Beas and NGT tells Assam to protect Kaziranga animals. ravleen posted 8 years ago

Indian Ocean's "hope spots"

Coral reefs at Havelock, Andaman Source: Wikipedia
Development and disaster - the thin line that divides the two
Industrial pollution in villages, access to water data and seasonal pricing of water hog the limelight in this week's roundup sabitakaushal posted 8 years 6 months ago

Water data at your fingertips

Rainfall data of Port Blair (Andaman and Nicobar)
Rainfall data of Port Blair, Andaman and Nicobar Islands. iwpsuperadmin posted 9 years 3 months ago

Monthly rainfall data of Port Blair from 2003 to 2009

Why don't Jarawas of the Andaman Islands have a say in development ? An article from Charkha Development Network
This article discusses the amendments made in the Protection of aboriginal tribes regulation, 1956 and questions its implications for the role of the Jarawas in development Amita Bhaduri posted 9 years 3 months ago

Five months after the infamous Jarawa Video incident featuring scantily clad Jarawa tribal women allegedly dancing for tourists in return for food and money, the Central Government finally acted on the matter by approving the proposed amendments in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands (Protection of Aboriginal Tribes) Regulation, 1956.