Too much sandy water in borewell

Borewell is drilled till 280ft. Got water at 90ft, however, after 110 ft got sand up to 160ft after that there is rock. Casing is up to 119ft. Now the motor pump is at 150ft. Getting to much sandy…

Suggestion on submersible pump - bore with 300 feet and 4.5" dia

We have a new borewell with 300 feet depth and 4.5 inch dia. Need suggestion on submersible pumpset to pull water to groundfloor + three floors With 3 inch dia and 1.5 HP.

Sewage Treatment Plant

What is the expected units of electricity to be consumed by STP per day for society of 120 flats? We are having 3 different societies with 40 flat in each society, so is STP compulsory for us?

Soak pit filled with underground water

After the rain in Chennai, soak pit in the house had been filled with water. Water is coming out continuously it looks like underground water (uthu) getting filled in the soak pit. Soak pit depth…

Query regarding mini borewell

Dear team,

We are living in a hilly area in Hyderabad. We have already constructed a house and its more difficult to bore now. We are looking for mini borewell now with less noise and that…

Query regarding borewell depth

If borewell depth is 700 metres then how is groundwater level at that location is 10 meters?

How to fix muddy water problem from a borewell?

I am from Odisha and have 4 inch 300 ft bore since 8 years. Now, I am having a problem that, when I start the motor at first 5 min clean water comes but after that muddy water comes for 10 to 15…

Query regarding water pouch buisness

I want to start up water pouch and bottle buisness but first I want to check if there is any problem related to LDPE and PET plastic in future ?

Sewage generation per person per day in india

Dear Sir/Madam

Can you please tell how much sewage is generated in India per capita per day in Class II city.

Treating high TDs water from a borewell

Water from a new borewell in our housing society has the composition as attached. Request for a suggestion for cost effective treatment to supply utility water for 16 families.

Water quality supplied by HMWSSB in Kondapur Hyderabad

Dear Team,

I am confused about which purifier I need to use at my home. I have Aquaguard RO purifier installed in my home, currently after purification the TDS level is below 10 which is not…

Does Uttarakhand has any government scheme for water recharge

I want to know, if Uttarakhand has any government scheme for water recharge as my village need that on urgent basis.

Query regarding solar irrigation pump


I need help for setting up subsidised solar irrigation pump. What are the requirements for the process? Where should I contact and whom?

Need solution for overflowing septic tank soak pit


Pls advice me a permanent solution for my septic soak pit overflowing issues. We have a total 6 members family (adult-4 children-2) and our home is an independent one. I cleaned up my…

Need to reduce the TDS of water from 1500 ppm to 500 ppm for fish farming and pearl farming

I have a pond in Murthal, Sonipat district and my borewell water parameters shows 1530 ppm of TDS and 6.2 - pH. I want to reduce the TDS level upto 500 - 700 ppm for fish farming and pearl farming…

Suitable Hp pump and impler or stages for irrigation of 1000 plants

I dug a borewell

Drilled = 570 ft  
Casing = 124
Water stiked at 342 ft yeild 1.¾ inch = 2200 LTH
Progasive same…
Stoppage of water supply from overhead tank

The building where I am staying consists of 14 flats. I am staying in 2nd floor approved flat and water supply to my flat has been stopped stating that 2nd and 3rd floor unapproved flats are not…

How to effectively treat wastewater from sand and gravel plants?

A large amount of waste residue can be generated in the process of sand and stone production, and a lot of wastewater which casued serious pollution to the river water body can be produced. So…

Data for Saurashtra region districts

I need to have monthly rainfall data for all Saurashtra districts. But unfortunately it is not available for Jamnagar, Junagadh and Porbander. I am doing my master thesis on Saurashtra droughts.…

Water and Wastewater video channel

Dear Sir or Madam,

We like your Youtube channel about water and wastewater treatment a lot. We think your videos are very informative and professional. Therefore, we took a look at your…