Worms in bottled water supply

Hi, I am not sure if this is the right forum to ask this question. One day back, I took a 20ltr packaged drinking water bottle for my consumption. To my astonishment, I found worms swimming in that water. When I contacted the dealer, he asked me when did i buy that water...i told him yesterday, then he asked me since when i have been using the plastic container in which i turn the Bisleri 20 ltr bottle...i told him that I have been using this container for almost 2 years, however, i regularly wash it once in a week and the last time i washed this container 4-5 days ago only. He said, its because of that plastic container that these worms/insects have come into water and i need to change this container. I find this explanation absolutely ridiculous. Can anyone please let me know what should be my future course of action in this regard.

Sanjay Waldia