Which is better - a submersible pump or a motor outside the borewell ? As maintenance costs of submersibles are high, please advise on alternatives ?


I have an fundamental question as to why its advantageous to use submersible rather than motor outside of the bore.

The problem we are facing is that every removal and reinsertion of submersible motor is an expensive affair, Sometimes due to the lack of knowledge of the guys pulling the motor out, either the tube or electrical wiring is cut or broken and more repairs and more cost after all this we really do not know if lowering the motor to a little more depth will get us some more water or not? To add to it, the repair technicians are always in a tearing hurry to finish the job and give suggestions like camera check etc etc which adds to cost but not increase in water capacity.

Is there not alternative to submersible pumps? If so how do we reduce the day to day maintenance cost.

Thanks for any guidance provided.