What is procedure to set up mineral water plant in Tanjore Dist, Tamilnadu ?

Hi All

First of all my sincere thanks for India Waterportal to accomodate me as a member of this forum.


I would like to put my first request in this forum.


I wish to start a small scale industry in Mineral Water Bottling Plant in Kumbakonam, Tanjore District.


Now I need the experts guidence on the procedure, requirements etc.

1. What are the permissions / approvals need to procure in order to start a Mineral Water Plant project to produce product with ISI Mark

2. Where we can get good machinery for mineral water plant with Reverse Osmosis? A list of manufacturers.

3. Whre we can get the list of ISI firms in Tamilnadu? Who are maintaining water plant, so that we can choose.


As a beginer, A setp by setp guidelines will be highly helpful.


Thanks in advance,