What kind of filter should I use for rain water harvesting?

Suggestion required to design a RWH filter


I need some help to design a filter for roof top rain water harvesting. The water catching area is 100 sqm, and the rainfall maximum is 130 mm, and so the filter should have the capacity to filter 216 liters/min. I have a 4'' down pipe installed, while the storage area is a live well 52 feet deep . This water will be used for cooking too.

Currently I am planning to use netlon mesh as filter  and 150 micron sieve mesh at the final point of output. Here rain water is fed (in 90 degrees) to the filter at the bottom, and the filter is placed vertically (similar to pop up filter available in the market). We are doing this RWH to increase the ground water level.

Will this filtration be sufficient?

Kindly give suggestions, as  I want it to be done in  a economical way.

Thanking  you, 

Mrs Sahana Rao.